Jacky Oh’s Plastic Surgeon Says He’s Still Taking Patients Following The Influencer’s Sudden Death: ‘Every Procedure Is Always Performed To The Highest Medical Standard’

Jacky Oh’s Plastic Surgeon Says He’s Still Taking Patients Following The Influencer’s Sudden Death: ‘Every Procedure Is Always Performed To The Highest Medical Standard’

Jacky Oh’s cosmetic doctor is defending his name… yet again.

It’s been nearly a month since ‘Wild ‘n Out’ star Jacky Oh passed away due to (what was rumored to be) complications from a “mommy makeover” surgery.

Jacky Oh

The invasive alteration typically offers a personalized combination of the following services: tummy tuck, breast augmentation, breast lift, liposuction, and/or vaginal rejuvenation.

Subsequent to Jacky Oh’s tragic death, Dr. Zachary Okhah, who reportedly conducted the operation under his practice PH-1 Miami, faced loads of backlash on social media. Previous claims of his (alleged) botched procedures were then brought to the forefront, resulting in the disablement of Dr. Zachary Okhah’s Instagram comments.

Ultimately, Dr. Zachary Okhah released a statement and (seemingly) denied all accusations surrounding his company.

Amid speaking out, the Florida-based physician said,

“My staff and I ensure that each patient is vetted, prepped and treated according to their individual patient history prior to any surgery.”

Jacky Oh w/ Dr. Zachary Okhah prior to her operation.

In a new video shared to Instagram, Okhah addressed everything for a second time and made it clear that he’s currently still in “good standing” with the state of Florida. According to the controversial surgeon, business has proceeded as usual — despite Jacky’s recent demise.

In the footage regarding his “client-protection” measures, Ohkah expressed,

“My name has been in the tabloid media and, understandably, sensationalized… given the circumstances. I want to clarify some facts that have not been reported and are public knowledge.”

He added:

“I am not willing to operate, without exception, on any patient if my preoperative protocols for medical clearance are not wholly met. That means, another physician, of the patient’s choosing, examines the patient and verifies that patient’s fitness for surgery–in conjunction with other tests and labs that I request. This is a standard protocol to ensure all aspects of a patient’s health are medically considered.”

Okhah continued by stating that he has taken on 2,000 patients, with a grand estimate of nearly 6,000 hours in the operating room, since graduating from Brown University.

He detailed,

“Every procedure is always performed to the highest medical standard, and our safety protocols are diligently observed by my entire team.”

Dr. Zachary Okhah

Additionally, Okhah mentioned that there haven’t been any changes in the status of his license, passively arguing that his office has sustained a reputable image.

“The state of Florida is, especially, strict when it comes to any issues involving medical treatment that may not have been performed to recognized standards, resulting in a poor patient outcome.”

He concluded,

“My medical license remains active and unrestricted, and I remain in good standing with the Florida Department of Health. With that being said, we are currently seeing patients in the office and performing surgeries.”


Jacky (who was also a popular influencer and entrepreneur) shared three beautiful children — Nova, Nala, and Prince’Nehemiah — with comedian D.C. Young Fly.

Jacky Oh, D.C. Young Fly & children

D.C. Young Fly recently gave an update on how the family has been holding up since Jacky’s tragedy. He said,

“God is the greatest. He’s granting me the strength to keep going. You feel what I’m saying? And I gotta take care of my babies.”

Our continuous prayers and condolences are with Jacky Oh’s loved ones.

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Authored by: Ashley Blackwell