Fabolous Receives Mixed Reactions After Claiming ‘There’s Only One Style Of Female Rap/Hip-Hop Being Promoted’


Fabolous Receives Mixed Reactions After Claiming ‘There’s Only One Style Of Female Rap/Hip-Hop Being Promoted’

Rapper Fabolous has chimed in on the current state of women in hip-hop and the public isn’t too happy about his opinion.

Over the weekend Brooklyn-born rapper Fabolous took to his IG stories to share his thoughts on women within the hip-hop community. At the beginning of the (controversial) post, Fabolous, born John David Jackson, noted that he loves hearing “female rappers talking some real sh*t.”


He then said that while many “strong” women have deep stories to share through their music, there aren’t enough female entertainers that rap about their life experiences. Towards the end of the post, the 45-year-old rap star seemingly hinted that only women who rap sexually explicit lyrics are getting pushed to the forefront.


Fabolous wrote,

“I love hearing female rappers talking some real sh*t. Women are so strong. Have so many stories and perspectives that we need to hear in pure form.”

He continued,

“No disrespect to any female rappers out there but I think there’s only one style of female rap/Hip Hop being promoted, programmed and looked at as successful now.”


Fab’s comments come after he collaborated with Diddy and female rap duo City Girls for the seductive summer track “Act Bad,” which dropped back in May.


After his post made its rounds on the internet, many weighed in with their own thoughts on the matter. One Twitter user called out the “Into You” artist and said,

“Fabolous beats women and the elderly”

Another person expressed,

“The last song he was on was “Act Bad” sir please BFFR” 

Someone else added,

“This isn’t true at all, there’s tons and I mean TONS of different kinds of female rappers out there not just doing the sex sells sh*t. Fabolous needs to look around a bit more.”

However, there were some who agreed with the rapper, with one fan claiming,

“The agenda is to separate relationships. There’s no loyalty, honor or respect if you come from the ghetto. Keeping everyone divided is how they win”

What are your thoughts on Fabolous’ comments on the current state of female hip-hop? Let us know below!

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Authored by: Ariel Whitely