Will.i.am Says He Has ‘No Shame’ In Being ‘Ultra Feminine’: ‘I’m Attracted To Females, But I’m Feminine’

LOS ANGELES, CA – NOVEMBER 18: Musician will.i.am attends the 40th American Music Awards held at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on November 18, 2012 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Will.i.am Says He Has ‘No Shame’ In Being ‘Ultra Feminine’: ‘I’m Attracted To Females, But I’m Feminine’

Will.i.am has no problem being labeled as feminine.

During a recent episode of “The Diary of a CEO” podcast the Black Eyed Peas frontman opened up about his femininity.

Will.i.am said,

“Coming of age, I didn’t have a man in my life or a father in my life to guide me through that. My mom did that, which probably made me even ultra feminine, which I have no shame of being super feminine.” 

According to Will.i.am, due to his femininity he would often be asked if he was gay.

He recalled,

“I remember in the ‘90s, we [didn’t] have the support in the LGBT community like [we do] now. So growing up in the ‘90s, [people were] like, ‘Are you gay?’ A lot of people would question if I was [gay] because I was feminine.”


He continued,

“I’m still feminine. I sit where I sit. I act the way I act. My mannerisms are my mom’s. I’m strong with my femininity. I think it’s a superpower. When you know who you are, when you love who you are, how you are, how you vibe, that’s what it’s about.”

Will.i.am added,

“I like girls. I never was attracted to men. I’m attracted to females, but I’m feminine.”

TV personality/actor Wayne Brady also recently opened up about his personal life and views on sexuality as he shared he’s pansexual.

In a lengthy open letter, he said,

“In doing my research, both with myself and just with the world, I couldn’t say if I was bisexual, because I had to really see what that was, especially because I really have not gotten a chance to act on anything. So, I came to pansexual because — and I know that I’m completely messing up the dictionary meaning — but to me, pan means being able to be attracted to anyone who identifies as gay, straight, bi, transsexual or non-binary. Being able to be attracted across the board. And, I think, at least for me for right now, that is the proper place. I took pan to mean that not only can I be attracted to any of these people or types physically, but I could be attracted to the person that is there.”

Wayne Brady

He then expressed,

“I’ve been attracted to men at times in my life. But I have never dated a man. Let’s be really honest: I’ve also been attracted to certain men in my life, but I’ve always pushed that aside because of how I was raised, and because I live in today’s world, and it’s scary as s–t. What’s the fastest way to hurt another man? I’m gonna call you out of your name. I’m gonna call you gay. I’m gonna emasculate you. I’m gonna use the F-word. I learned that very early from the people around me, they’re like, “Oh, so those are bad things? Yeah. You, you don’t wanna be that.””

Wayne Brady added,

“So, what does it mean if I feel something? I don’t think I’m gay, but what if I feel something for another [man]… That’s still gay. I was already bullied about a bunch of other s–t. I didn’t wanna add a top hat on top of that suit.”

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Authored by: Monique Nicole