Update: Keke Palmer Reveals Tattoo Seemingly Dedicated To The Father Of Her Child, Darius Jackson, Following Breakup Rumors

Keke & Darius

Update: Keke Palmer Reveals Tattoo Seemingly Dedicated To The Father Of Her Child, Darius Jackson, Following Breakup Rumors

Update:(Aug. 28, 2023): Is Keke Palmer single?

The actual status of the entertainer’s love life appears to be unclear at the moment. You may recall that many thought she called things off with the father of her son, Darius Jackson, after he publicly shamed her over the dress she wore to an Usher concert last month.

However, the pair recently went live together to celebrate Keke’s 30th birthday. In addition, she posted a few sexy birthday pictures and fans quickly noticed that one image was seemingly dedicated to Darius. In the image, the “Alice” star proudly debuted a tattoo of Darius’ birthdate, displayed just below her right butt cheek.

It’s important to note that the date Keke received the intimate tattoo is unknown and the ink doesn’t necessarily mean she’s still with the former fitness instructor.


Original story: (Aug. 28, 2023): Looks like things are all good between Keke Palmer and her child’s father.

Social media users were seemingly taken aback over the weekend after the actress was video’d posted up with her estranged ex Darius Jackson, despite reports the couple called it quits.

As we covered earlier this month, sources allegedly close to the former pair claimed the two split following the Usher concert debacle. In case you missed it, Darius Jackson caught significant backlash from the internet back in July after criticizing the “Nope” star for an outfit she wore while attending an Usher concert in Vegas. The former fitness instructor suggested that because Keke, born Lauren Keyana Palmer, 30, is now a mom, a level of appearance decorum should be met. By Jackson’s tweet, it’s clear he didn’t feel the entertainer was living up to that standard.

His comments sparked many Keke fans to address the situation for her. Some hailed Jackson as insecure for seemingly attempting to “mom shame” the artist. Others flat-out attacked the former celebrity boyfriend, calling him broke and accusing him of being jealous of his famous partner. While Keke stayed primarily quiet about the situation, she smoothly addressed the moment once the hype died down. The actress joked about being a mom at the end of a subsequent music video for Usher’s single “Boyfriend”, which she guest starred in. On Jackson’s part, however, it seems the attention became too much as he temporarily deactivated his account. Reports that the two split hit the internet just a couple of weeks after.

Now, it seems many are unclear about where the co-parents stand in terms of their relationship. Jackson referred to the mother of his child as his “partner in crime” in an Instagram live video posted to his account, where the two were celebrating the entertainer’s birthday. At one point in the video, Keke claims to have Jackson “hooked”, though neither blatantly speaks to the status of their romance.

Jackson also posted a sweet message to Keke to his Twitter account for her birthday, sharing an adorable video of her and their son Leo with the caption:

“Happy Birthday to a one of a kind being. Hoping your 30s brings you many joys and triumphs!”

Despite there still not being any concrete clarity on whether or not they’ve rekindled things, the posts were more than enough to garner the attention of social media users. A few speculated whether or not the “partner in crime” reference was grounds for Keke to run away from a possible romance redo, while others showed their support that the couple was able to work things out. A good majority, however, came to the collective conclusion that everyone should mind their own business and stay out of celebs relationship drama.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson