Keke Palmer’s Boyfriend Deactivates Social Media After Fans Call Him Out For Seemingly ‘Shaming’ The Actress’ Outfit At Usher Concert

Keke Palmer’s Boyfriend Deactivates Social Media After Fans Call Him Out For Seemingly ‘Shaming’ The Actress’ Outfit At Usher Concert

It’s safe to say… if “Mama’s gotta have a life, too, baby” was a person, it’d definitely be actress/singer Keke Palmer!

However, the gag is, her child’s father, Darius Jackson (aka Daulton), seemingly isn’t here for any of it and has since removed his social media accounts.

Keke Palmer

If you hadn’t heard, Keke Palmer recently attended one of Usher’s concerts and received a friendly “serenade” from the R&B icon. Footage of the newsworthy interaction between Keke Palmer and Usher spread like wildfire on the internet, gaining lots of online applause.

Following the viral moment, the ‘Nope’ star’s longtime mate, Darius Jackson, took to Twitter to express his disapproval of Palmer’s outfit at the show.

Quoting a clip of the 29-year-old getting “wooed” by Usher, Darius Jackson simply tweeted,

“It’s the outfit tho.. you a mom.”

Palmer and Jackson share an infant son, Leodis, who was born earlier this year. In the now-talked-about video, Palmer can be seen sporting a black bodysuit with a sheer overlay.

Subsequent to Jackson’s comments on her risqué look of choice, fans virtually rallied behind Palmer, accusing Jackson of making his remarks from a place of “insecurity.”

Upon addressing the backlash, he said,

“We live in a generation where a man of the family doesn’t want the wife & mother to his kids to showcase booty cheeks to please others & he gets told how much of a hater he is.”

Keke Palmer, Darius Jackson

Jackson added in his defense:

“This is my family & my representation. I have standards & morals to what I believe. I rest my cast.”

Amid the public scrutiny, Palmer uploaded more photos from the exciting occasion, relishing in the good time that she had.

In her (indirect) shady response, the ‘Akeelah and the Bee’ phenomenon shared,

“I wish I had taken more pictures but we were running late! I am telling y’all right now, if you haven’t seen @usher YOU MUST GO!!”

She concluded while tagging a friend who also attended the event:

“I was truly inspired as a performer. I whooped some a** in spades too! Where is that pic of us all together with the King himself??”

Although Palmer appeared to be unbothered by the hoopla, Jackson remained at the center of jealousy claims that hinted at the idea of him not being too fond of Usher and Palmer’s exchange. Many felt that his statement(s) were not only humiliating to Palmer but rooted in misogynism and sexism.

Fellow users then started to dig up old, almost-unclothed images that Jackson (himself) posted of Palmer during her pregnancy, alluding that the issue ran deeper than what she wore to Usher’s performance.

As of now, neither party has spoken out any further.

Jackson’s brother, ‘Insecure’ actor Sarunas J. Jackson jokingly responded to followers who kidded that his and co-star Jay Ellis’ characters ‘Dro’ and ‘Lawrence’ from the HBO series were responsible for his sibling’s actions.

Sarunas J. Jackson

He mentioned,

“Now you wait just a GOT D*MN MINUTE! This is where I draw the d*mn line! Y’all can come for me and my family but don’t you dare fix your filthy mouth to speak Lawrence’s name!”

Darius Jackson’s Twitter and Instagram accounts are no longer active.

Just a couple of days ago, Palmer gushed about her man, Jackson, on Twitter.

She bragged,

“Not tryna be the person but… I love my man.(PERIODT!)”

Additionally, allegations of the pair calling it quits began to swirl, as most noticed that Palmer and Jackson supposedly unfollowed each other on Instagram before Jackson’s deletion.

Keke Palmer, Darius Jackson


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Authored by: Ashley Blackwell