Rapper Gillie Da Kid Says He Became A Man The Day He Had To Wash His Son’s Body After His Death: It Was A Gift & A Curse

Gillie Da Kid, YNG Cheese


Rapper Gillie Da Kid Says He Became A Man The Day He Had To Wash His Son’s Body After His Death: ‘It Was A Gift & A Curse’

Gillie Da Kid is opening up about the tragic death of his son YNG Cheese.

During a recent appearance on “The Pivot” podcast, the rapper let his tears flow while discussing the experience he had washing his son’s body, and how the moment changed his perspective of what it means to be a man.

Gillie Da Kid, YNG Cheese


After being asked by host Channing Crowder what was the worst time after losing his son, Gillie Da Kid stated:

“The worse time had to be…kind of the worse and the best,” 

He continued:

The worse time had to be when I had to wash his body…that was the worse, but it was also the best because I became a man that day.”

Gillie, real name Nasir Fard, 39, went on to explain that until that moment, he “wrongly” thought that he was a man because he “did man sh*t” and took care of certain responsibilities. The Philadelphia native said that in providing for his family, paying bills, and caring for kids who lost their fathers, he always considered his role as a man fulfilled. However, things shifted for the entertainer after the death of his son.

In case you’re unfamiliar, YNG Cheese, real name Devin Spady, was shot and killed in a triple shooting back in July of this year. He was 25 years old at the time of death and left behind a young son named Chase.

YNG Chase

Gillie continued the interview, reiterating:

“That day I became a man, when I washed by son’s body. It was a gift and a curse, it was a good thing and a bad thing because it was a very painful thing to see your son laying there cold and stiff. But I know I sent him off right.”

Gillie Da Kid

The “Million Dollaz Worth of Game” host also shouted out his “good brother” Freeway who he shared helped him get through the unimaginable time. Speaking to the fellow rapper and Philly native, Gillie added:

“I want to look into the camera and I want to thank Freeway from the bottom of my heart. You was there every step of the way with me brother. Washing my sons body, the hardest sh*t I ever had to do in my f***ing life. I will aways love you and respect you brother, for life. I appreciate that.”


Concluding, the entertainer expressed that washing Cheese was the day he “knew it was real.”

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Authored by: Kay Johnson