Basketball Wife & Former Obama Administration Campaigner, Valeisha Butterfield, Shooting Reality Show in DC

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Valeisha Butterfiled With Castmate Kristi Henderson

 Reality TV shows are the new black…and you just better get use to ’em, friends! We’ve been sitting on this one for a minute, but over the weekend, more details were shared. A new reality TV show is coming to the nation’s capital! As you’ll recall, BRAVO TV tried and failed with bringing non-scripted TV in the form of the Real Housewives of DC. Why did the show only last one season? While some blame the city as being too ‘conservative’ (and a bit of a yawn-fest), the bottom line is the ratings sorta-kinda sucked. But don’t fret DMV’ers, a reality show is being shopped around by political stratagest, Valeisha Butterfield. Valeisha, who’s married to NBA baller Dahntay Johnes and worked on the Obama campaign has her sights on taking her talents in front of the camera. [Sidebar: prior to jumping the broom, she dated rapper The Game (they were engaged) and E! correspondent, Terrence J.] Anywho, the new show is rumored to be about professional African American DC women who work in the political arena. So who’s been casted? In addition to Valeisha, Tara Wall, a conservative and former senior media adviser to the Mitt Romney for President campaign. Tara also has her own production company. Kristi Henderson, who doesn’t have an extensive amount of experience in the political scene, but works with Valeisha on the WEEN (the Women in Entertainment Empowerment Network) Academy. Teria Rogers who is a DC communications professional.

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What’s more? To further enhance the plot, cast-mates Valeisha and Tara are opening a firm called Butterfield, Wall & Associates. A few DC folks have been invited and a little birdie told us that a camera crew will be in the building filming the event. Big wigs like singer Keri Hilson are set to appear and political correspondent Roland Martin. What else have we heard? We’re told that the show hasn’t been picked up yet, but because of Valeisha’s strong celebrity ties, it shouldn’t be too difficult. We’re also told that the show promises to not be a typical drama-filled reality show (no cat-fighting) and that they’re only interested in showing how the nation’s capital has some of the brightest and powerful political women in the game. We have a bit more unconfirmed news, but we’re gonna hold onto that for now. In the meantime, what do you think of this potential show–yawnfest or this is exactly what reality TV is missing?