K. Michelle Says That Despite Joseline Hernandez’s Claims, She Was Not The Highest-Paid ‘L&HH’ Star: ‘I Want Every1 To Shine But Don’t Lie’

K. Michelle Says That Despite Joseline Hernandez’s Claims, She Was Not The Highest-Paid ‘L&HH’ Star: ‘I Want Every1 To Shine But Don’t Lie’

K. Michelle wants the world to know that Joseline Hernandez didn’t make more money than her during their time on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.

Former Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta castmates K. Michelle and Joseline Hernandez have had a turbulent history over the years and that doesn’t seem to be letting up. As you may already know, last week Joseline Hernandez took part in an interview with reality TV guru Carlos King and alleged that she was the highest-earning personality within the franchise.

When asked what was her top salary earned per episode, Joseline answered $50,000 and explained that she initially made much less. According to the Puerto Rican Princess, she started the show making $1,500 per episode but the payments quickly progressed. She shared:

“They just kept bumping me up. They was just throwing money at me. They was like, ‘We don’t want her not to come to work.’”


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Joseline appeared on the popular series for six seasons and was most known for her love triangle with the father of her child, Stevie J, and his ex, Mimi Faust. Another alum of the franchise is singer K. Michelle. The music artist left the show years ago, however, this morning (Sept. 13) she claimed to have been the higher-paid star of the franchise. 

K. Michelle tweeted:

“I was the highest paid and they would even have to limit peoples appearances to pay me and stay in budget. LHH did great for me. It taught me how to be smart about my movements. Other than Cardi and Jason Lee there is no one who used the show to their benefit like me. I was smart.”


The “Love ‘Em All” singer continued:

“Y’all still over there still quoting my clap backs, shaking the table, 4 earrings, shawty lo, AARP. It’s so weird to watch.”

After a fan of K. Michelle chimed in and said they expected a response from her after watching Joseline’s interview, she replied:

“No I’m just telling the truth it was a bold face lie.”

K. Michelle has gone on to have great success after her appearance on Love & Hip Hop. In addition to reviving her music career, she had her own spin-off show titled K. Michelle: My Life, which aired for three seasons. 

K. Michelle also expressed that she wants “everyone to shine” but she’s not here for the lies.

“I want every1 to shine but don’t lie or run a narrative you’ve created in your head. Respectfully That’s a lie.”

As of now, it’s unclear which lady was truly the highest-paid.

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Authored by: Shayla Farrow