‘Married to Medicine’s’ Dr. Heavenly Disagrees With NeNe Leakes Going Public With New Relationship ‘I Would Have Kept That Secret’ [VIDEO]

Dr. Heavenly, NeNe Leakes, Nyonisela Sioh

‘Married to Medicine’s’ Dr. Heavenly Disagrees With NeNe Leakes Going Public With New Relationship ‘I Would Have Kept That Secret’ [VIDEO]

Married to Medicine’s Dr. Heavenly is the latest person to weigh in on NeNe Leakes’ newest relationship.

NeNe Leakes, 54, definitely seems to be the main topic of discussion right now. Earlier this month the ‘RHOA’ alum made headlines after confirming she’s dating designer Nyonisela Sioh. As previously reported, NeNe Leakes’ late husband Gregg Leakes, unfortunately, lost his battle with cancer and passed away this past September.

Nene Leakes, Gregg Leakes

Recently Dr. Heavenly, 51, gave her approval for NeNe Leakes’ new relationship. She said,

“That’s NeNe life. Her husband gave her the go-ahead to live her life and do what she want to do. It’s hard being out here by herself. She’s a celebrity, it’s probably a lot of dudes at her.”

She continued,

“She’s been on a long road with knowing this man. She stood behind him – which was great – for a long time while he was sick. So I think it’s okay for her to move on.”

Dr. Heavenly

Even though Dr. Heavenly agrees with NeNe dating again after losing her husband, the famed dentist shared that she would have handled the situation a little differently.

“I just think I wouldn’t have told it this soon. Not me, I probably would have had nobody this soon but even if I did I wouldn’t have posted them. I would have kept that secret.”

She continued,

“Everything ain’t for Instagram! That’s what I think.”

She added,

“[Gregg Leakes] gave her the go-ahead. I think she’s been a great wife to him. She stayed with him for a long time. I just wouldn’t have posted [my new boyfriend] up. You know what I’m saying, I wouldn’t post no dude that ain’t my husband.”


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Despite what others might think, NeNe and Nyonisela Sioh seem to have no regrets about going public with their relationship. A source close to the pair recently revealed how happy NeNe is. They said,

“She can’t stop smiling around Nyonisela. It’s still very new but she’s almost like a teenager with him, just light and giggly and feeling those new relationship butterflies.”

The insider continued,

“It was obviously very hard for NeNe after Gregg’s death, but she had been his caretaker for so long, she really lost what it was like to have a partner who prioritizes you. Nyonisela treats her like a queen. He’s constantly fawning over her, showering her with compliments and putting her needs first. She couldn’t have found a better guy to be with after her loss.”

They added that NeNe is,

“very happy right now.”

NeNe Leakes & boyfriend Nyonisela Sioh

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel