Update: Antonio Brown Reportedly ‘Found Liable On All Counts’ After Selling Man Fake Richard Mille Watch For $160K

Antonio Brown, Ryan Kane

Update: Antonio Brown Reportedly ‘Found Liable On All Counts’ After Selling Man Fake Richard Mille Watch For $160K

Update: (Oct. 12, 2023): Antonio Brown will reportedly have to hand over a lot of money after selling a man a fake watch.

As previously reported, In October of last year a businessman named Ryan Kane filed a lawsuit against Brown after the retired athlete allegedly sold him a fraudulent Richard Mille watch. Reportedly, Kane purchased the dupe for $160,000 in July 2022. Allegedly, not only was the watch fake but Brown only spent $200 for the device when he initially purchased it in Dubai.

Well, it looks like Kane has come out on top in the crazy scam. He recently claimed on Instagram that his former friend was “found liable on all counts regarding the fake RM watch case.”

He continued,

“The Judge awarded me 170k plus 40-50k in attorneys fees, damages, and interests. Made a cool 50-60 bands.”

He added,

“Thanks AB u criminal POS. Btw I’m not done yet. Still the label case pending.” 


Original Story: (Oct. 12, 2022): Is Antonio Brown going broke? 

In a recent interview with the “We In Miami” podcast, Ryan Kane, a reported Florida millionaire, spoke on the lawsuit he filed earlier this month against Antonio Brown after the NFL star allegedly sold him a fraudulent Richard Mille watch. According to reports, Antonio Brown purchased the watch in Dubai for $200 but sold it to the man for $160,000 back in July. In total, the man claimed he gave Antonio Brown over $300,000. Ryan Kane elaborated:

“He sold me a fake watch after his Rolling Loud performance. On the plane ride back he was showing me the watches and he was telling me he would sell one to me. He told me they were real.”

Ryan Kane continued:

“So they next day I went to his house. He was trying to get me to buy more expensive watches. So I bought the watch. He wanted a lot more for it. We finally agreed to the $160K. I wired him the money the next morning.”

Ryan explained how he discovered the watch was fake:

“So I went to get insurance on it, they told me it was fraudulent.”

The Florida native alleged the wide receiver went ghost after he tried to contact him for a refund. Ryan explained:

“I sent him a text message that said ‘the watch you sold me was fake. I want my money back,’ and then he blocked me immediately. You wouldn’t block me unless you were guilty.” 

As previously reported, outside of the watch scam, apparently the 34-year-old lied about a $250,000 feature from rap mogul Lil Wayne. Ryan said:

“We went out to LA to film the video with Lil Wayne, but we never ended up meeting up with him. AB told me Lil Wayne would only take a quarter million dollars in cash.”

He continued:

“Mack Maine, the president of Young Money Cash Money, he had never spoken to AB about a feature, totally just made that up. AB was trying to steal $250,000.”

He added:

“I feel bad for you.”

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Authored by: Tsai-Ann Hill