Post Malone — Law Firm Claims To Have Text Messages & Photos Proving Rapper Physically Abused His Ex-Girlfriend

Post Malone

Post Malone — Law Firm Claims To Have Text Messages & Photos Proving Rapper Physically Abused His Ex-Girlfriend

Post Malone (real name Austin Post) is facing some serious abuse allegations.

According to a report from RadarOnline, Martorell Law — the law firm that sued the rapper and his ex-girlfriend in 2022 — has photos and text messages proving Post Malone was physically abusive to his ex, Ashlen Diaz. Allegedly, the company threatened to show this concerning evidence in court to show the rapper manipulated his former lover.

Diaz reportedly hired the firm to assist her in discussions with Post Malone about financial support after the ending of their three-year relationship in 2018.

The firm said Diaz initially wanted palimony, which is a legal word for alimony given to a partner after a breakup when there was no marriage between the two parties. Diaz agreed to give the firm a portion of whatever settlement was reached.

However, according to Martorell Law, Post Malone persuaded Diaz to drop them and gave her $350,000 to reach a private agreement, ending their legal dispute.

The motion stated,

“Defendant Diaz, unfortunately, gave in to such duress (as victims often do), to her own detriment, separating her from legal representation she desperately needed.”

It continued,

“Rather than face accountability, however, Defendant Post downplays his control over his ex-girlfriend, attempting to portray this action and twist this clearly wrongful behavior as somehow akin to a party trying to stifle competition.”

Martorell Law filed a lawsuit seeking damages from Diaz and Post Malone for allegedly cheating the firm out of the promised commission. The “Congratulations” artist recently urged that the lawsuit be dismissed, claiming he had no power over his former lover. He also called the accusations “frivolous, unreasonable, or without foundation.”

Diaz also requested to dismiss the case.

In a newly filed motion, Martorell Law retaliated against Post Malone’s assertion that he had no influence over Diaz, alleging that their former client admitted that her ex physically abused her.

The company added that the rapper pressured and coerced Diaz to drop them,

“in order to avoid paying a higher settlement sum, and in order to continue manipulating his victim, Defendant Diaz, using his money, power, and control over her to prevent her story from being shared with the world and to avoid near-certain litigation.”

Martorell Law requested permission from the court to amend the complaint with specific “factual allegations, including images and text messages.”

Post Malone has not responded to the new allegations.

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Authored by: S. G.