Boxer Gervonta Davis Claims Floyd Mayweather Is Being Held In Dubai Over Unpaid Debt: ‘If I’m Lying Tell Him To Go Live RN’


Gervonta Davis, Floyd Mayweather

Boxer Gervonta Davis Claims Floyd Mayweather Is Being Held In Dubai Over Unpaid Debt: ‘If I’m Lying Tell Him To Go Live RN’

Is Floyd Mayweather Jr. being held against his will in Dubai?

According to Gervonta Davis, the answer to that question is yes. The professional boxer made the concerning allegation last week (Apr. 26) amid an online dispute he was having with his former friend/mentor. Reportedly, things kicked off after Floyd Mayweather, 47, took to his socials to slam other boxers for not taking the craft seriously enough. In part, he said,

“A lot of times what these fighters are looking at—they’re looking Floyd with the cars, they’re looking at Floyd being flashy. Man listen, I made so many sacrifices. Y’all are looking at the end results…And [when I was] champion having hundreds of millions in the bank, I still was on my grind in that gym.”

He added,

“Y’all are worried about your outfits, how your boots look, worried about the wrong things. A lot of you fighters are living check to check.”


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Floyd Mayweather didn’t put a name on the rant, however, Gervonta Davis seemingly felt the message was meant for him. The 29-year-old reposted the footage to his Instagram Story, calling Mayweather a “hater” who is currently unable to leave Dubai.

“N*gg* says all this bullsh*t, but [he’s] in Dubai and can’t leave because he’s been taking n*gg*s’ money and not doing what they paid him to do…N*gg* a f**king hater”


Gervonta Davis then took his claims over to the app formerly known as Twitter, X, writing to a fan who basically asked if the allegations were true,

“He gotta pay them people that money back..if I’m lying tell him to go live rn

He been stuck over there for a min too..”


After urging Mayweather to go live if he’s lying, Davis posted,

“They got Floyd *ss for real..tell him I’ll send him a wire..LET MY F*CKING FAMILY GO

Let me call 50, we gotta get this n*gg* home by Monday”


Yesterday (Apr. 30), he seemingly mentioned Mayweather (allegedly) being held in Dubai again, writing,

“I’m coming to get youuu..”

At the time of this report, it doesn’t look like Mayweather has confirmed or denied the detainment allegations. Of course, his quietness on the matter could simply mean the claims are too crazy to even bother addressing. However, it could also be a strategy to avoid drawing further attention to the situation.

Whatever the reason for ignoring the growing rumor, it doesn’t look like Davis is backing down.

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel