Chrisean Rock Apologizes To Keke Palmer After Calling The Actress Out For Saying She Needs Help As A New Mother + Blueface Alludes Someone Else Posted Their Child’s Genitals Online 


Chrisean Rock Apologizes To Keke Palmer After Calling The Actress Out For Saying She Needs Help As A New Mother + Blueface Alludes Someone Else Posted Their Child’s Genitals Online

It looks like there’s no bad blood between Chrisean Rock and Keke Palmer after all.

Earlier today, Chrisean Rock took to her X account (formerly Twitter) to address a recent statement that Keke Palmer made in regard to her journey through motherhood.

Chrisean Rock

Reportedly, Keke Palmer learned of 23-year-old Chrisean Rock’s baby’s father, rapper Blueface, exposing their son, Chrisean Jr.‘s, medical condition and a photo of the infant’s genitals to the world.

Subsequent to seeing the situation unfold online, the singer/actress chimed in on the matter under Hollywood Unlocked’s Instagram profile. The post was of Blueface’s manager, Wack 100, citing that the youngster is currently in need of hospital supervision.

Palmer–who gave birth to her little one, Leodis, in February of this year–wrote in the comment section,

“This is so sad to me especially as a new mom. I didn’t wanna say nothing or involve myself on anything but my heart is breaking for all involved. This is exactly what maternal health care is about. It doesn’t matter how you feel about Chrisean before, now she’s a mother and for that BABY she needs help and proper CARE!”

Keke Palmer

The 30-year-old added:

“Why doesn’t anyone care about her or any of THE OTHER MOTHERS THAT ARE STRUGGLING! She is just ONE but the face of MANY! There are women out here that are beyond “judgment” because their children need them.”

Apparently, Rock didn’t take too kindly to Palmer’s parental input and rejected the support by saying,

“Keke Palmer we got each other number u chiming in like we don’t [have] each other numbers is whatever….. [Chrisean Jr.’s] dad is just somebody that I have to really stay away from I gave him the benefit of doubt. But everyone that’s speaking on my behalf hit my dm or ask me for my number.”

Additionally, she shared:

“I got a team and ppl around me helping more and facilitating what I can’t. I kicked out extra money for my kids child care and assisting but I’m not finna keep explaining myself this my last tweet for everyone and everybody. Stay up n be blessed BIG ROCK NOT the little one…”

Ultimately, it was (seemingly) all a misunderstanding, and Rock and Palmer were able to work it out amid a private discussion.

Subsequent to deleting the clapback, Rock announced with a hand heart emoji,

“Me and Keke talked.”

She continued:

“I’m Gladd keke entered the chat. Other mothers should uplift each other instead [of] other sh*t. I’m sorry keke I read it wrong n got to popping my sh*t cuz this sh*t so sensitive rn I’m just done with ppl speaking up against me through a sensitive situation rn.”

The “Vibe” rapstress concluded:

“The keke effect gon’ have u n*ggas back begging.”

Palmer replied to Rock, further solidifying that it’s all love between them.

She said,

“I understand, you have a right to be sensitive you just had a baby! Let’s keep praying for one another, no one can judge you. God has the final say .. now put a name on my # fr this time.”

As previously mentioned, the whole debacle stems from Blueface revealing that he and Rock’s baby boy has an inguinal hernia. The rapper also posted a picture of his private area online.

According to the National Institutes of Health, the condition is described as “a bulging of the contents of the abdomen through a weak area in the lower abdominal wall.”

In addition, Blueface accused Rock of being an unfit mother and expressed his discontentment in Chrisean Jr. not taking his last name.

He posted,

“Cats out the bag Chrisean has been a mom for 2 weeks and she’s focused on **** [and] being outside instead of her son surgery [and] hernia.”

After airing an image of his son’s bottom, Blueface defended it by stating,

“It’s myson I’ll post cuz d*ck if I want to tf who gone tell me not to…squabble up or shut up.”

Rock responded to the madness by calling her child’s father out on Instagram Live and in a series of posts on her X page.

Blueface has since claimed that his phone was stolen and that someone hacked into his social media.

“My phone was stolen yesterday I just got a new one guys im back my twitter was hacked.”


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Authored by: Ashley Blackwell