R. Kelly Sues U.S. Prison Officials For Allegedly Leaking His Private Information To Blogger Tasha K

R. Kelly, Tasha K

R. Kelly Sues U.S. Prison Officials For Allegedly Leaking His Private Information To Blogger Tasha K

R. Kelly is set to take a few parties to court after claiming federal prison officials leaked his private information to Tasha K.

According to reports, the jailed R&B singer filed a lawsuit against the U.S. government, multiple Bureau of Prisons workers and internet blogger Tasha K, real name Latasha Kebe. Born Robert Kelly, R. Kelly, 56, claimed the parties aired out his private matters that were documented while he was in custody for his case in Chicago.

R. Kelly

R. Kelly accused three unknown prison workers of using their internal system to report what he was doing while locked up in his hometown. The officials were reportedly able to access the entertainer’s email correspondence, private phone calls and visitor logs.

Kelly and his lawyer, Jennifer Bonjean, suspect that officials made a deal with YouTuber Tasha K, in which they provided her with the singer’s personal information in exchange for a cash payment. Kelly said the leaked information gave Tasha K the means to publish diminishing claims against him. In addition, he claimed the media personality’s negative words hurt his reputation, invaded his privacy and caused him undue emotional distress.

Tasha K

The “Ignition” singer is seeking major damages from the U.S. government for allegedly allowing prison staff to access and share his information.

R. Kelly

As previously reported, in January, Kelly spoke out about the tampering claims against Tasha in a phone call interview. The incarcerated artist accused Tasha of tampering with a witness in his child pornography case to “turn her against him.”

During the interview, he allegedly stated that one key witness in his New York trial was directly influenced by Tasha. Amid the phone call, he said,

“Tasha shared my information with the government witness in my case in New York…I knew nothing about it ’til I got to Chicago, and it was in the Sun-Times and in the Tribune.”

Kelly was sentenced to 30 years behind bars last year after being convicted of several child pornography and sex trafficking charges in New York. In addition, he was found guilty of six counts of federal child pornography in Chicago. He’s currently serving his lengthy sentence at a federal facility in North Carolina.

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Authored by: Ariel Whitely