Offset Delays Album Release Following Takeoff’s Death

Offset, Takeoff

Offset (real name Kiari Cephus) is still mourning the loss of Takeoff.

As you may already know, Takeoff and Offset were family members and groupmates of the Atlanta Hip-Hop group Migos, alongside Quavo. As Takeoff (real name Kirshnik Ball) was laid to rest on Friday (Nov. 11), Offset pushed back the release of his second solo album, seemingly out of respect.

Offset reportedly revealed that his Blame It On Set album was “pushed back” in response to a fan’s inquiry about the project last week. When asked if he was still dropping on Nov. 11, he allegedly replied,

“No. pushed back”

Offset pushes album back for Takeoff

The rapper previously shared the album’s name and target release date, Nov. 11, but his plans obviously changed in light of Takeoff’s untimely death. Offset hasn’t spoken much about the passing of his cousin, but he did say some tear-jerking words about him at his funeral. His Twitter header is also a photo of the two of them.

In addition, He changed his Instagram and Twitter profile photos to images of Takeoff and recently canceled a gig at the MGM Music Hall in Boston for the Xfinity + FaZe Clan concert series. takeoff funeral

Takeoffs funeral led to the phrase “Long Live Takeoff” trending on Twitter.

According to one Twitter user,

“If you are in your 30s or late 20s the loss of Takeoff really hits because the Migos will always represent a certain time in your life..We started yelling Versace on college nights to Walking it like we talk it in our jobs/careers..Long Live Takeoff!”
 takeoff funeral

Another user said,

“Man everytime a new song out by Migos or a rare song with jus a Takeoff feature I be excited and wait when his verse ends I be mad like wish he jus keep on flowing that’s how damn talented and special he was damn and we’re the same age too this shit smh Long Live Takeoff”

takeoff funeral

Another Twitter user noted that Takeoff obviously made it to heaven.

The tweet read,

“He died 11/1, his funeral 11/11, and it’s raining takeoff made it to heaven Long Live Takeoff”

long live takeoff

Takeoff was shot and killed at a bowling alley while visiting the City of Houston on Nov. 1. His uncle, Quavo, was at the venue with him and could be heard on video crying and screaming his name. To date, no arrests have been made for his death.

Rest in Peace Takeoff! theJasmineBRAND continues to send our thoughts and prayers to all his loved ones.


Authored by: S. G.