Tyrese Blasts His Ex Wife Samantha Gibson, Accuses Her Of “Faking” Their Marriage & Having A Baby Just To Get Rich + Seemingly Calls Out Joe Budden Over Recent Interview: ‘They Tried To Hit Me From All Sides’

Tyrese, Samantha Gibson, Joe Budden

Tyrese Blasts His Ex Wife Samantha Gibson, Accuses Her Of “Faking” Their Marriage & Having A Baby Just To Get Rich + Seemingly Calls Out Joe Budden Over Recent Interview: ‘They Tried To Hit Me From All Sides’

It seems to have been an emotional and eventful weekend for Tyrese.

The singer went on a full scale social media rant recently as he and others, including his ex wife, reacted to his recent interview with Joe Budden.


Drama seemingly ensued after the conversation, which saw Tyrese, 44, speaking about his ongoing divorce from Samantha Gibson, 34. During the interview, the “Fast & Furious” star got candid about fighting his ex in court for attempting to get $20,000 in monthly child support for their young daughter, despite her making over six figures annually herself. Tyrese argued that the two didn’t spend that much on their baby while they were together and doesn’t believe she needs that kind of money to properly care for the child now. He ultimately made it clear that he thinks Gibson is simply looking for a payday.

After the interview began to circulate, Gibson took to her own social media with a message about trust, stating:

“Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me…once you learn what someone is capable of you have to handle them a little different.”

She continued:

“DMX said this and it resonated with me, he said ‘it’s too hard not to trust people, instead he trusts people to be who they are’…he trusts a liar to lie. He trusts a cheater to cheat. I can forgive you for what you’ve done, and I thank you for showing me what you’re capable of because now I know how to handle you, and it would be irresponsible of me to give you the same kind of access,”

Her comments eventually made its way to Tyrese, who then took to his own social media and pinned the video to his page with the caption:

“She wants to be famous, she wants the clout….. She had a whole baby and faked a whole marriage to get the BAG…….Swipe left and just know whoever this person is…. She hates my guts and yet her drivers license still says Gibson,”

Tyrese went on to share a comment he made under Gibson’s video addressing her recent claim that people in her circle convinced her to go through with the divorce. As we covered earlier this year, Gibson went on a podcast where she spoke about their messy split, claiming that she allowed “people in her ear” to push her to leave the film star. She also claimed that she’d consider getting back with him under the right circumstances.

At the time, Tyrese immediately accused the mother of his child of “clout chasing” and by looking at the comment under her recent video, it doesn’t appear his stance has changed at all.

It does not appear Gibson made any further comments. Elsewhere on his social page, Tyrese suggested that he was uncomfortable with the line of questioning during his sit down with Joe Budden in the first place. He wrote while promoting the interview:

“Off top shots fired “You ain’t here to try and do no boring a** breakfast club interview right”…. -Joe. Then with no hesitation this nigha went right at me and accused me of breaking up TGT again. When he said that the #TimesUp and #MeToo movement has just jumped from the MOVIE business to the MUSIC business d*mn…. That’s just wow……. [ link in my IG bio to lock in on the full ep! They tried to hit me from all sides I stayed calm and stayed on course…. The raw uncomfortable truth will never change IDGAF what room I’m in”

It seems his post and subsequent comments offended one of the show’s co-hosts Queenz Flip, who it seems Tyrese directly addressed in one of his rants. Flip then took to his own social media to address the situation, stating:

“I dont’ know what you mad about, n*ggas don’t talk about you up here…you cool, you came up here – you was calm, you was nice, we like that. Then you go on live talking about ‘that n*gga in the high chair’ whatever old video you saw of me talking about that’s old, you be bugging…Go get a hobby or something, go to church.”

Tyrese went on to repost the video to his page, adding the text:

“But I was there and you was quiet as a church (mouse)”

For now, it doesn’t seem anything more has been said on the matter. Tyrese continues to promote his interview on his social media page.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson