Tyrese’s Ex Wife Samantha Gibson Admits She’d Be Willing To Rekindle Relationship w/ Singer & Says She Wouldn’t Have Divorced If It Wasn’t For “People In My Ear”

Tyrese’s Ex Wife Samantha Gibson Admits She’d Be Willing To Rekindle Relationship w/ Singer & Says She Wouldn’t Have Divorced If It Wasn’t For “People In My Ear”

Looks like the ex spouse of singer Tyrese Gibson has had some time to reflect on their failed marriage.

Samantha Gibson appeared on a podcast recently where she opened up about letting people influence her decision to leave the relationship, and revealed the circumstance she’d consider getting back with him.

Samantha Gibson

Samantha Gibson, 33, got candid about the topic during a guest appearance on the Hardly Initiated podcast. After the social media influencer was asked about what would’ve happened in her relationship with Tyrese, 44, if she was surrounded by a “pro-marriage” community, she responded:

“The truth about the matter is that if I had different people in my ear at that time I would not have made that decision,”
She added:
“I try my very best at this point in my life to be what I didn’t have in that moment, because…I’m an extremely emotional person…I can get so lost in my thoughts…there will be moments where [it’s] like…’I’m ready to be done’…’I can’t stand this’. ‘He don’t do this’ …blah blah blah blah blah, we’re just focusing on these things and because you don’t have…a certain um person in your life to…check you and say ‘sis what about this,’ …’what about these strengths’… like those types of things …that can get you thinking about the positive aspects of this person that you may not be thinking about when you’re upset, you’re only thinking about what you’re mad about you’re not thinking about all the other positive aspects of this person…so in those moments you need somebody to be…that person.”

Tyrese,Samantha Lee

If you recall, Tyrese and Samantha wed back in 2017 and were married four years before calling it quits. The pair welcomed a daughter in the process, who ended up being the center of a nasty custody and divorce battle following the separation. At the time, the “Fast & Furious” star expressed his shock behind his wife leaving the marriage, stating he felt blindsided by the ordeal. For awhile, the entertainer was adamant that he’d put his family back together, and continued to publicly declare his love for Samantha.

However, as divorce negotiations continued, it seems Tyrese eventually gave up on the pursuit. Nearly three months after announcing the break-up, the “Lately” singer began dating influencer Zelie Timothy, who he remains in a relationship with to date. Despite his new relationship, however, Samantha didn’t hold back her truth when asked about getting back with her ex-husband. When the host questioned if she’s in a space to “rekindle” things with Tyrese, she responded:

“If we were both going to show up and we were both going to fight for it equally and sacrifice equally, like you know things that I needed and you know things that he know he needed, I wasn’t Perfect…if we were both willing to fight and we were both willing to do certain things then yes…no one wants a broken family.”

It’s unclear if Tyrese has heard Samantha’s recent thoughts about where they stand as he hasn’t reacted publicly to the interview at this time. The same goes for his currently girlfriend Zelie. However, the internet personality did upload a few timely posts to her instagram story of her celebrity boo showering her with love.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson