Uncle Luke Responds After Former Video Vixen Gloria Velez Accuses Him & Her Child’s Father Aaron Hall Of Grooming Underage Girls: ‘I’m Not Russell Simmons, I Don’t That’

Uncle Luke, Aaron Hall, Gloria Velez

Uncle Luke Responds After Former Video Vixen Gloria Velez Accuses Him & Her Child’s Father Aaron Hall Of Grooming Underage Girls: ‘I’m Not Russell Simmons, I Don’t That’

Singer Aaron Hall is facing more abuse allegations, along with rapper Uncle Luke.

Former video dancer turned podcaster Gloria Velez, who shares a child with Hall, recently accused the two men of preying on underage girls back in the 90’s, and says she was a victim of grooming.

Gloria Velez

The entertainer took to her social media to discuss the allegations, writing in one post:

”If you don’t think Grooming Is happening in this business Your sadly mistaken It’s started in 1994 With Luke and a few others in this business. I was in high school”

Sharing a picture of her school ID and noting how she looks “like a baby”, Velez continued in another post:

“South Florida 199/1994 Teen clubs Where the pedophilia men scouted & groomed (It was their playground)

In her instagram stories, Velez shared responses she received from other women who allegedly experienced the same things. Her comments about grooming come just days after her sons father Aaron Hall was hit with a sexual assault lawsuit from an incident that allegedly happened around the same time. As we recently covered, the singer was accused of partnering up with Diddy and taking turns raping a woman and her friend who they met at an industry party.

After news of the lawsuit made headlines, an old interview of Hall speaking on meeting Velez resurfaced. In the episode, the R&B artist argued against the host who says Uncle Luke previously took credit for introducing Velez and Hall, and also admitted to having sexual relations with her as a minor because he didn’t know she was “a puppy”. Apparently, the two became romantically involved when Velez was only 16 and gave birth to their son a year later.

While it doesn’t seem that Hall has responded to his sons mother’s recent claims against him, Uncle Luke certainly did. The 62-year-old took to his own social media denying any wrongdoing and claims he never even knew what the term grooming meant, which is defined in this situation as:

“when someone builds a relationship, trust and emotional connection with a child or young person so they can manipulate, exploit and abuse them.”

Responding to Velez’s claims, Uncle Luke stated:

I just learned what the f*ck grooming mean. I don’t even know what the f*ck grooming mean…they had to explain that sh*t to me. Y’all got the right one. I don’t have no problem going to court…I’m not Russell Simmons…I don’t do that,”


“The problem is when you know your brand and you know what you’re singing about, you subject yourself to be in that kind of trap faster. So what you have to do is really not be about what those songs is talking about cause you can get yourself jammed up,”

Uncle Luke

The musician went on to further argue his innocence, claiming everyone who he does business with signs a release and denied ever working with anyone never under age. Additionally, Luke stated that he “videos everything” and that he always has a head dancer in charge to keep watch over the young women. He also claimed that he’s prone to firing staff who “mess around” with other artists, adding that he’s not running a “traveling wh*re house”. It doesn’t appear that either parties have made any further comments on the matter at this time.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson