Grammy-Winning Songwriter Tiffany Red Says Diddy ‘Traumatized’ Her In Open Letter Co-Signing Disturbing Sexual Abuse Claims Made By Friend Cassie: ‘I Continue To Work Through The PTSD, Paranoia, & Anxiety From These Events’

Grammy-Winning Songwriter Tiffany Red Says Diddy ‘Traumatized’ Her In Open Letter Co-Signing Disturbing Sexual Abuse Claims Made By Friend Cassie: ‘I Continue To Work Through The PTSD, Paranoia, & Anxiety From These Events’

Illustrious songwriter Tiffany Red is breaking her silence about the turmoil her longtime friend, songstress Cassie, endured at the hands of America’s “Bad Boy.”

In a recently penned open letter, Tiffany Red spoke out in support of Cassie’s now-settled lawsuit against her ex, music mogul Diddy.

Tiffany Red

As previously reported, last month, 37-year-old Cassie sued Diddy for (alleged) sex trafficking and abuse throughout their over-a-decade-long relationship.

If you didn’t know, Cassie inked a deal with Diddy’s celebrated record label, Bad Boy Records, in the early 2000s. However, it wasn’t long before the two went from business buddies to boos, which led to years of an on-and-off romance that (ultimately) ended in 2018.

In the court documents, “Me & U” singer Cassie listed numerous accounts of “violent behavior” and “disturbed demands” from 54-year-old Diddy. Brought under New York’s Adult Survivors Act, she cited rape, physical harm, and being forced to have inappropriate relations on video with male escorts as a portion of the horrific incidents that allegedly occurred.

Diddy, Cassie

The case has since concluded, with Diddy still denying all claims. But… the controversy surrounding the industry-shifting situation is far from over.

Tiffany Red, who ignited a friendship with Cassie in 2015 while co-writing her unreleased album, has corroborated Cassie’s assault allegations in an emotionally taxing essay.

When detailing her recall of the turbulent times, Tiffany Red began,

“Dear Sean Combs, I’m stepping forward to recount my experience as a witness to events detailed in my friend Casandra Ventura’s now-settled civil lawsuit against you. I’m breaking my silence, freeing myself from haunting recollections, standing in solidarity with Cassie, and standing up for myself. I fear for my safety as her suit alludes to me, although not by name. I hope that revealing my identity to the public will afford me some measure of protection.”

She continued:

“I’m one of the friends mentioned in her lawsuit, specifically from the night of her 29th birthday, as detailed in the section labeled ‘Mr. Combs Forces Ms. Ventura Into Sex Trafficking.’ The weight is heavy as I gather my thoughts to articulate these distressing memories.”

Tiffany Red

Leading to her remembrance of the chilling matter, she wrote,

“I am traumatized by you. The burden of vocalizing these experiences should never have been mine or anyone else’s.”

Red then revealed that she first met Diddy in person at a surprise birthday bash that he’d thrown for Cassie in the late summer of 2015.

While they’d only spoken once over FaceTime before meeting, upon their face-to-face introduction, she stated the sense of dislike she felt Diddy had toward her for “writing all those songs about him” for Cassie.

Red confessed:

“We did a song called ‘Loyal’ that you didn’t like. We were writing about her pain. In the first verse of that song, she sings, ‘I don’t know what is real, I just know how I feel, and you keep acting like you don’t know what you did wrong, trying to get me to chill Since we ain’t been together, I been on some whatever.’ She was pushing back in that song. You later came back up to me and said you were playing. I didn’t believe you.”

She added,

“One of your security guards did something similar. I’d never met him before, either. He approached me and said, ‘I heard a lot about you, Tiffany.’ You both creeped me out, and this interaction was super intimidating. It felt like you both wanted me to know that you knew who I was and you didn’t like how close I was to her.”

Cassie, Diddy

Further into the piece, Red admitted that she had grown into a confidant of Cassie’s, who would often come to her and vent about the alleged domestic violence that she was going through with Diddy at the time.

Things (seemingly) progressed when Cassie wanted to leave her birthday party and go to karaoke with friends. Red claimed Diddy was irate and “hovering” around them to stop Cassie’s departure but (eventually) followed them to the spot.

A then-frightened Red described,

“You pulled Cassie out of the private karaoke room; she put her head down and went with you. I followed to see if she was okay because something was off. When I walked out of the room, you had her backed into a corner in the hallway outside of the door, and your security surrounded you two as you cursed her out with your hands in her face.”

Red expanded by saying that Diddy (allegedly) succeeded at getting Cassie to exit the hangout with him, and when they returned, the music executive appeared “intoxicated” while Cassie seemed “withdrawn.”

According to Red, that’s when Cassie later unveiled that Diddy made her have the “Freak Off” with the male sex workers.


Red furthered, alluding that there were other instances where Diddy displayed similar acts:

“With Cassie bravely sharing her story I’m finally free to share mine. That night of her birthday, and so many others, are burned in my brain and have tormented me since. I feel compelled to show up for Cassie and myself and confirm that everything she described in her complaint about what happened that night is consistent with what I experienced.”

She said in conclusion,

“I continue to work through the PTSD, paranoia, and anxiety from these events. It’s one of the catalysts for my advocacy for music creatives today with my organization, The 100 Percenters. Your abuse of power has inflicted ongoing harm on countless individuals, including myself, my friends, and my peers. You are a literal pillar in Black music. So many of us looked up to you. This moment hurts for us, too, but no one deserves to endure all this Puff. It’s not right.”



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Authored by: Ashley Blackwell