Update: Diageo Cites Cassie’s Sexual Abuse Claims Against Diddy As Reason He Should No Longer Be The Face Of DeLeón Tequila


Update: Diageo Cites Cassie’s Sexual Abuse Claims Against Diddy As Reason He Should No Longer Be The Face Of DeLeón Tequila

Update: (Nov. 22, 2023): Diageo is using the latest claims against Diddy in its argument on why the celeb should no longer be featured in DeLeón tequila ads.

Diddy and alcohol giant Diageo have been involved in a legal battle since May of this year. Initially, Diddy sued over claims of racial discrimination, arguing that his DeLeón tequila brand was labeled as “urban” and treated differently than other alcohol lines distributed by the UK-based company.

Diageo denied his accusations and in October the business filed a countersuit, alleging that Diddy’s racism claims were simply an extortion attempt.

According to new reports, Diageo recently submitted legal documents to the court in hopes of having Diddy removed as the face of DeLeón. According to the company, the “public and disturbing accusations” against Diddy risk “devastating and permanent damage” to the brand.

As you may recall, the “Come to Me” artist recently settled a lawsuit from his ex, singer Cassie, who claimed he brutally abused her throughout their entire decade-long relationship.


Original Story: (Oct. 5, 2023): The Diddy vs. Diageo saga is far from over!

According to reports, alcohol giant Diageo has claimed that Diddy’s accusations of racism from the company were only an attempt at extortion. The British business reportedly filed a countersuit against the music mogul which stated,

“In May 2021, following Diageo’s public commitment of US$100m to help with COVID recovery for the hospitality sector and underprivileged communities, [Diddy] demanded that Diageo pay him US$100m and threatened then to ‘reach out to every news outlet’ to ‘burn the house down.”

Aside from that, it’s been said that Diddy even bragged about causing “maximum damage to Diageo and the DeLeón brand” by claiming that they exercised racism in their business dealings with him.



As previously reported, in May of this year, Diddy filed a lawsuit against Diageo for (supposedly) neglecting marketing/promotions for their joint venture, tequila label DeLeón.

In addition, he alleged racial discrimination, listing that Diageo boxed his brand into an “urban/Black” classification. The court filings stated,

“Diagego has typecasted Cîroc and DeLeón, apparently deciding they are ‘Black brands’ that should be targeted only to ‘urban’ consumers.”

Diageo denied all allegations, including claims Diddy was told that if he were someone like Martha Stewart, the product would be distributed to a more diverse crowd.


Ultimately, the alcoholic company called for the judge to dismiss the suit and declared the end of the collaboration, citing that Diddy only contributed $1,000 to their $100 million outlay.

Diageo executives revealed,

“[Diddy’s] bad-faith actions have clearly breached his contracts and left us no choice but to move to dismiss his baseless complaint and end our business relationship.”

They added,

“[Diddy] has repeatedly undermined our partnerships and threatened to publicly defame Diageo if we did not meet his unreasonable financial demands. We tried for years to salvage the broken relationship with [Diddy].”

Last month, a judge ruled that the case would be moving forward, as Diddy (seemingly) had valid grounds to stand on.


Diddy and Diageo’s association dates back to 2007 when he teamed up with the beverage business for Cîroc for an “equal-share” partnership. In 2013, the manufacturer and Diddy crossed paths (yet again) for DeLeón.

Representatives for the ‘Bad Boy’ phenomenon denied Diageo’s newest allegation.


Authored by: Ashley Blackwell