Claudia Jordan Says She Was Once Drugged By A Musician & Declined To Read For A Role After Being Pressured To Perform Topless By Hollywood Director

Claudia Jordan

Claudia Jordan Says She Was Once Drugged By A Musician & Declined To Read For A Role After Being Pressured To Perform Topless By Hollywood Director

Reality TV star Claudia Jordan is sharing her thoughts on the recent discussion about abuse in the entertainment industry.

The “RHOA” alum shared stories about she and her friends experiences being drugged and intimidated by powerful people, and says the time to expose the abusers will definitely come.

During a recent live video, Claudia Jordan explained how her friend was drugged by a local director, who she says follows her own social media, and how that kind of things happens often in Hollywood. She stated:

“There was another director, Black guy, he didn’t ever really blow up that big. He’s done some stuff. He actually drugged one of my friends…I tell y’all things but I don’t expose them all the way. I say the part that I’ve been allowed to say…he follows me. Your time’s going to come,”

She continued:

“People say, ‘oh you’re gonna…allow more people to get hurt if you don’t say anything’. I can’t make people come forward until they’re ready but when they do I will support them…He didn’t drug me he just locked the door on me and try to make me take off my shirt and read topless and I said absolutely not…I ended up getting out…he drugged her…and she  escaped.”

The former “Deal or No Deal” model went on the claim that her friend eventually got the water bottle used to drug her tested, claiming the result was positive for the date rape drug. Later, Jordan stated that the friends story in not an uncommon one. She went on to share her own experience being drugged by an unnamed person in the music business, who she says denied any wrongdoing when she confronted them. However, 50-year-old says after that incident she found another one of her friends in a similar situation with the same individual, ending with:

“it’s gone get exposed, trust me!”

Jordan’s remarks come on the heels of her showing support for fellow entertainer Christian Keyes. As we’ve been covering, the actor came forward recently sharing his own allegations of abuse, claiming that a Black male director has been sexually harassing him for years. Though he has not named any names, the TV star says that he will expose his alleged abusers after he’s had a chance to take evidence he’s gathered to police. Many have debated whether or not Tyler Perry is the subject of Keyes allegations as the two have worked in numerous projects over the years.

Showing support to Keyes after he came forward, Jordan wrote:

“You shared a piece of this with me when we first met may be 15 years ago and said one day you would come forward….and YOU DID and @christiankeyes I am SOOOOOO proud of you! Do NOT beat yourself up for waiting. It’s hard! Especially as a MAN. I know it’s scary, and embarrassing and uncharted territory. BUT you did it!”


“I will stand with you on this as your friend cause I know it’s true cause this is the same vibe and tone and your story you shared from 2008 (I believe). CONGRATULATIONS to you for not going along to get along and being able to look at yourself in the mirror as you shave in the morning, Other MEN and women will be saved and feel heard BECAUSE of your bravery!!!!!!!!!! Love ya friend!”

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Authored by: Kay Johnson