Christian Keyes & Tyler Perry Trend As Social Media Debates Whether Filmmaker Is The “Powerful Man In Hollywood” The Actor Recently Accused Of Sexual Harassment

Christian Keyes, Tyler Perry

Christian Keyes & Tyler Perry Trend As Social Media Debates Whether Filmmaker Is The “Powerful Man In Hollywood” The Actor Recently Accused Of Sexual Harassment

Actor Christian Keyes‘ recently came forward with attempted sexual assault allegations and social media users have been in a frenzy since.

In an hour long live, the TV actor revealed he’s been sexually harassed throughout his entire career and says the reveal of one his victimizers would break everyone’s heart.

In the live video Christian Keyes, without naming any names, says he’s been offered an obscene amount of money and suggested his career has been threatened by men above him who’s advances he rejected. The 48-year-old repeatedly stated that he’ll name his alleged assailants when the time is right, but is ready to make a “declaration” of his disturbing experiences as they don’t get talked about enough. Particularly, the entertainer focused on a Black male Hollywood exec he says has been harassing him for years. He stated in the first part of the video:

“I want to have these discussions. I want to be transparent with y’all about that. I’ve done my best to forgive this person but it happens…it’s not just women that have to deal with it but it’s also men sometimes, and it’ll be men tempting men.”

Christian Keyes

Keyes continued, sharing that during a period of time when he was not working for or with the person, the individual showed up at his home and offered him $100,000 to take off his clothes. He says the person told him:

“I don’t want to touch you, I just want to see you naked.”

Adding on his part:

“I declined…I was broke as f—k. I am telling you, I would have loved that 100 grand, but I wasn’t going to sell my soul,”

Additionally, Keyes recalled sleeping in the guest house of someone he was working for after having a bit too much to drink, and the man allegedly attempting to get into bed with him. He explained:

“I’m sleep. I’m gone because I’m four, five Hennessys deep and this dude tries to climb into bed with [me],”

Keyes went on to add that after he decided to leave following pushing the man, who he says seemed apologetic and blamed the moment on his own inebriation, the individual then tried to touch his private area. He recalled:

“You go to shake his hand on the way out and he tries to grab your d—k…He tries to shake and grab your equipment and you spazz even more…At that point, my only regret is not breaking multiple bones in this person’s face,”

Clarifying why he’s choosing not to air out his alleged predators at this moment, the actor says he’s been documenting his interactions since the harassment began and plans to take his evidence to the police. Giving clues as to who he may be referring to, however, Keyes did state that once people hear the assailants voice, people would be “heart broken” because they’ll know exactly who it is. This statement, along with a remark that he “didn’t watch that Documentary” seems to have led many to believe there’s a strong change he’s referring to famed filmmaker Tyler Perry.

Tyler Perry

In case you’re unfamiliar, Keyes got his big break starring in several of Perry’s stage plays back in the day, which ended up being the foundation of his billion dollar production company. The two went on to work in several projects together since 2005, when Keyes says the harassment began, and is the creator of the BET series “All The Queen’s Men” which Perry is an executive producer of.

As social media users debated if Perry may in fact be one of the individual’s Keyes is hinting at, many argue that he wouldn’t be still working with him if that was the truth. Others, however, took the stance that Perry’s sexuality has always been questioned, and that they wouldn’t be surprised if he’s named in Keyes’ allegations. There were also some who argued that everyone should remain neutral until Keyes is ready to tell it all.

Whoever Keyes is referring to, it seems the actor will get tons of support even when his whole truth is revealed. Several celebrities such as reality star’s Claudia Jordan and Tami Roman, as well as actors such as Yvette Nicole Brown and Dondre T. Whitfield took to Keyes’ comments section with words of encouragement after he posted his live admission.

Keyes has not confirmed nor denied Perry’s involvement in his allegations at the time this story was written.

Do you think Tyler Perry is one of the individual’s Christian Keyes was referring to? Tell us in the comments! 

Authored by: Kay Johnson