Jermaine Jackson Accused Of Raping Woman In 1988, Woman Claims Music Exec Berry Gordy Allegedly Covered It Up

Jermaine Jackson, Berry Gordy

Jermaine Jackson Accused Of Raping Woman In 1988, Woman Claims Music Exec Berry Gordy Allegedly Covered It Up

Singer Jermaine Jackson is latest celebrity facing sexual abuse allegations.

The Jackson 5 member was named in a new lawsuit from a woman who says she was raped by the musician back in 1988.

Reportedly, the complaint was filed this past Wednesday (December 27th) by a woman named Rita Butler Barrett in Los Angeles. In the suit, the woman claimed that she had a “professional and personal connection” with Jermaine Jackson, 69, and knew him for several years before the incident took place. Allegedly her husband, Ben Barrett, worked with music exec Berry Gordy at the time who, according to her, also had “a business and/or management relationship” with Jackson. If you recall the musician’s family band The Jackson 5 was signed to Gordy’s Motown Records for several years.

On the day of the alleged assault, Barrett says Jackson arrived to her home uninvited and unannounced and forced his way inside. He then allegedly used “force and violence” to rape her until he was “satiated” before leaving. The following day, Barrett says she immediately reported the incident to Gordy who did nothing to rectify the situation. Instead, her suit alleged the music producer “withheld and concealed the acts” in order for him, Jackson, and their business associates to continue to profit from the defendants work “for years to come.” Reportedly, Barrett added that a cover up was put in place:

 “[to] prevent disclosure of information relating to the abuse for the purpose of profit and preservation of reputation.”

The plaintiff reportedly wrote in the suit that incident has caused her

“severe emotional, physical, and psychological injury, including humiliation, shame, guilt, economic loss, economic capacity, and permanent emotional distress”.

She is suing Jackson, Jermaine L. Jackson Music Productions, Inc. and Work Records, Inc. for sexual abuse, sexual assault, sexual battery, negligence and rape and is seeking an undisclosed amount in damages.

Jermaine Jackson

It is reported that neither Jackson nor his team has spoken out about the situation publicly at this time.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson