Jermaine Jackson Addresses Michael Jackson’s Slumber Parties W/ Kids, Asks Public To Leave His Family Alone

Jermaine Jackson

Jermaine Jackson Addresses Michael Jackson’s Slumber Parties W/ Kids, Asks the Public to Leave His Family Alone

Jermaine Jackson is providing extra details at an attempt to falsify the reemergence of molestation accusations surrounding his late brother/pop icon Michael Jackson. The accusations are being brought about by a former dancer to Michael named Wade Robson, who participated in the documentary “Leaving Neverland,” which premiered at Sundance Film Festival last weekend.

Jermaine is maintaining his brother’s innocence. When asked about the why he believes Robson is lying, Jermaine stated the slumber parties – which were revealed in the midst of the 2005 child molestation trial – had a lot more to them then what was shared to the public:

Let me interject. Those were slumber parties and what they didn’t tell you was, there were little girls there, even with their parents, their uncles, and it was sitting down watching movies. During the time, I believe he was instructed by one of his legal teams to do that, and that’s why everybody is coming forward now. I will say this: even when that settlement happened, the father killed himself because of guilt, and then the kid said Michael never touched him.

Michael Jackson

When questioned the validity of Michael’s innocence, Jermaine affirmed:

I’m 1000% sure because Michael was tried by jury and he was acquitted on all of this because there was no real evidence. There was nothing there. I will say this: our family [is] tired. We’re very tired. Let this man rest. He did a lot for the World – let him rest, and I’ll just say this, there’s no truth to this documentary. But you look at this series of events: Wade shopping book deals, filing the $1.5 billion lawsuit, and he was very close to the family. He even went out with two of my nieces.

The impact of resurfacing allegations on the Jackson family:

It’s been very very tough, because, we know we are a family and when these things happen, we pull together and the statement that we put out with the estate says it all, as well. He was tried with all of the things. Even child services of Los Angeles cleared him, even before the trial in Santa Barbra. He was cleared of all of this. It’s nonsense.

If Jermaine thinks he would have to defend his brother forever and if there will ever be an end:

I hope so, but we’re living in a time where people can say anything and then its taken as the truth. Under oath, he said what he said. They would rather believe a documentary than looking at what was said under oath in front of a judge, jury, everything.

If the Jackson family would be taken legal action against the documentary:

That’s something for the estate, and at the same time, we lost Michael. We lost our father – we’re still mourning. We’ve lost a lot. Just leave us alone. Leave him alone, let him rest, please. He deserves to rest.

Leaving Neverland will be broadcast later in 2019 in two parts in the UK.

Authored by: Andre Palmer