Trina Shuts Down Rumors That She Dated Tory Lanez: He Was Real Young, & I Was Real Advanced

Trina x Tory Lanez

Trina Shuts Down Rumors That She Dated Tory Lanez: He Was Real Young, & I Was Real Advanced

Despite what you may have heard, Trina did not date Tory Lanez.

During an appearance on Caresha Please, the Miami rapper (real name Katrina Laverne Taylor) shared with host Yung Miami that she never dated the “Say It” singer (born Daystar Peterson), but she was well aware that he “liked” her.

Trina said,

“We wasn’t dating. Tory was just my friend, but he liked me. I just felt like, with Tory, I met Tory like, at a weird time. Like, at a time when it was like, right after the whole French [Montana] debacle. The whole situation and I met him through like, just other friends that came through the studio.”

She continued,

“I was in this space, just like, OK I got to put in work, and when I worked, some of my friends came [and brought new beats] … and one of the people that came to the studio was Tory.”

The Love & Hip Hop: Miami star continued and revealed that Tory Lanez was on the hook of one of the tracks she received, but her record label wanted to replace him because he wasn’t as well-known at the time.

According to Trina,

“We end up meeting, we click and he was just a cool person. He was real young, and I was real advanced. And I’m not with the sh*ts. So, you gotta not play with me. He didn’t never come at me like ‘oh we want to talk’ and do all that … he just was bringing music. So, I was drawn to that energy … and I like what he was doing. But at the end of the day, he was also real aggressive and growing and trying to be his own artist, and I respect him for doing that.”

The “F*ck Love” rapper noted that the track, which Tory Lanez was ultimately given the feature position, was not about French Montana.

Trina sharing that she never dated the Chixtape artist may come as a surprise to some fans because of her 2019 song “Baps,” which features Nicki Minaj. The song centers around the rapper calling out a few of her alleged exes, including French Montana, Tory Lanez, James Harden, and former NBA star Kenyon Martin.

During the track, Trina raps,

“This one is for French Montana
Tory Lanez and friends
Jay Harden, and you too, Mr. Martin
I curved y’all boys (No disrespect to y’all boys)
Yeah! I curved y’all boys (No disrespect to y’all boys)
And to my niggas with bitches that like causin’ drama
Me and my bad bitches, we like “Fuck his baby mama!”
He cop me them Chanel bags, them diamonds VVS
See this five hundred million dollar mansion, this rack ’round my neck”

Elsewhere in the interview with Yung Miami, Trina was asked if she ever wanted children. She got vulnerable in her response, sharing that she’s suffered three miscarriages and couldn’t really fathom the idea of raising children without her mom being present.

Trina said,

“Well, after three miscarriages, I would’ve had three kids. That was a lot for me…The first one was — I don’t think I understood it too much [because] I was younger. Then once I got older, there was the next one I was like ‘okay, what does that mean? What does the miscarriage mean?’ Like I just didn’t really get it.”

She continued,

“Then, it just became a point like, third miscarriage, OK…Then, when my mom got sick, honestly, I just went into this phase of ‘I don’t even want to have a kid and my mom is not here.’ Like, how do I raise a kid without my mom? That’s not the happiest thing for me, honestly. Even to this day still I’m thinking, I have like, two years to have a kid maybe? I’ll give myself two years to have a kid.”

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Authored by: S. G.