Billy Dee Williams On Gay Rumors: ‘I’ve Been Called A ‘Closet Queen,’ But I Don’t Pay Much Attention To Any Of That’

Billy Dee Williams On Gay Rumors: ‘I’ve Been Called A ‘Closet Queen,’ But I Don’t Pay Much Attention To Any Of That’

Actor Billy Dee Williams doesn’t seem to care for the “He says, she says.”

Billy Dee Williams

The actor, best known for his role as Lando Calrissian in the original Star Wars’ trilogy, recently revealed he’s never been bothered by rumors that he was gay in the 1970s. While speaking to Page Six, Billy Dee Williams said, 

“I’ve been called a ‘Closet Queen,’ but I don’t pay much attention to any of that.”

The comment comes after his memoir, “What Have We Here?” released earlier this month. In it, Billy Dee Williams talks about his seven-decade-long career and his monumental encounters with celebrities like James Baldwin and Angela Lansbury

The book also discusses how he has no issue socializing with members of the LGBTQIA+ community. He mentions a time he went to a secret gay party in the Metropolitan Opera’s basement during his early years as an extra. Williams reflects,

“It all seemed very normal to me. I was around it all of my life, so I never really gave it much thought.”

The 86-year-old actor further discloses his receptiveness to new ideas in his memoir. Williams recounts a conversation with his daughter, in which he talks about Carl Jung’s theory of “anima and animus,” which are masculine and feminine consciousness and subconsciousness. The discussion led to his daughter introducing him to gender fluidity. He shares,

“My daughter was very happy to think that I was gender fluid.”

He also reportedly expresses in the book his carefree view on the current debates surrounding gender. He says he finds them “really, amusing, to say the least.”

In addition to the gay rumors, Williams’ book reflects on his career with the Star Wars franchise. He describes it as “a real interesting journey,” specifically underling the unique experiences at conventions where young fans express their emotions about his character’s actions in the movies. He mentions a moment when he had to explain the complexities of his character’s decisions, which he finds fun to engage with fans.

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Authored by: B Gregory