Solange Defended By Supporters After Drawing Criticism For Having Stylist Fix Her Hair: ‘This Is Literally The Stylist’s Job’


Solange Defended By Supporters After Drawing Criticism For Having Stylist Fix Her Hair: ‘This Is Literally The Stylist’s Job’

It’s quite possible Solange’s viral interaction with her stylist was misinterpreted by the internet.

Supporters of the songstress shared their thoughts on why the singer wasn’t in the wrong amid backlash she faced over asking the fashion professional to help with her hair.


In case you’re unfamiliar with the situation, the multi-talented Solange Knowles, 37, recently came under fire for asking her staff member to do a simple task that some felt she could’ve easily done herself. The musician and her team were arriving at the Gucci fashion show in Italy when cameras caught the “Cranes In The Sky” artist stop mid-walk, approach her stylist, and seemingly ask the woman to fix her braids.


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Initial commenters reacted to the video slamming the entertainer. Some felt Solange was flexing her privilege as a celebrity and that her requesting the stylist to adjust her hair was unnecessary. One commenter wrote:

“The crazy part she went to fix it herself but caught herself just pissed me off real bad”

While another added:

“I love Solange, but the good Lord knows she could’ve flung them braid back herself!”

As loud as her critics were, however, those who felt the opposite quickly came forward in Solange’s defense. A few of her fellow celebs even spoke out to explain that the interaction is perfectly normal. Actress Holly Robinson Peete commented on the situation, writing:

“WHY IS THIS EVEN A THING!?? Every hairstylist I work with at an event like this would not want me to touch that hair they want to place it. It’s like a stylist-arranging a dress for a photo no difference. Iykyk!!”


Holly Robinson Peete

While sports journalist/media personality Jemele Hill added:

“Maybe some of y’all don’t know this, but this is literally the stylist’s job. My stylist has moved my hair back, tucked a braid, etc. They’re paid to not only style you but also to nitpick your appearance and make sure the fit is doing what it’s supposed to at all times.”

Jemele Hill

Others shared similar opinions, including a few stylists who chimed in themselves. Some argued that no one knows the conversation Solange had with her employee and reasoned that she could’ve genuinely needed assistance.

Do you think Solange was wrong for asking her stylist to help in this situation? Give us your thoughts in the comments below!

Authored by: Kay Johnson