Prince’s Personal Designers Releasing Tribute Fashion Line


Prince’s Personal Designers Releasing Tribute Fashion Line

Prince’s fashion legacy is still going strong!

Designers of Toronto-based fashion line, Call and Response – Lori Marcuz and Cathy Robinson – are paying tribute to their iconic client, Prince. In commemoration of Prince’s iconic double album, 1999, the designing duo is releasing a limited-edition fashion collection of hand-crafted custom jackets, vests, and hand-dyed tunics based on the garments they made for the Purple One.

Call and Response made clothes for Prince from 2011 until 2016. But in the typical fashion of the elusive superstar, Lori Marcuz and Cathy Robinson never met him in person or even talked to him. According to VOGUE, they would curate boxes of clothing to send via requests from Prince’s assistants. Cathy Robinson gave this insight on working with the late singer:

“The entire time, [working with Prince], was almost like a blur. It was so busy and fast. We learned so much working with him because the learning curve was huge. We’ll never be who we were before.”

Lori Marcuz spoke on how they took inspiration from their late client for the new collection:

“We watched a lot of footage. We listened to the album again and again, trying to remember what it was like to hear 1999 for the first time back in the day…There are layers of Prince, and what we experienced working with him.”

She continued:

“Our time with Prince was a hell of a ride. We miss him. We miss making clothes for him. So this was, in many ways, lovely to do it again.”

Call and Response’s Prince tribute line will be made to order in limited quantities.

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Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay