Update: Jam Master Jay’s Godson & Childhood Friend Convicted Of Killing Famed DJ Two Decades After His Death

Jam Master Jay

Update: Jam Master Jay’s Godson & Childhood Friend Convicted Of Killing Famed DJ Two Decades After His Death

Update: (Feb. 27, 2024): Justice has been served in the murder case of Jam Master Jay, real name Jason Mizell.

According to reports, Karl Jordan Jr., 40, Jay’s godson, and Ronald Washington, 59, his childhood friend, were found guilty today (Feb. 27) on all counts in the 2002 killing of Jam Master Jay.

Reportedly, both men were charged with one count of murder while engaged in narcotics trafficking and one count of firearm-related murder. It’s been reported that Jordan was found guilty of other narcotics charges as well.

They’re facing a minimum of 20 years to life in prison or the death penalty. A third man named Jay Bryant, 49, who allegedly also had a hand in the murder is reportedly expected to face trial in 2025.


Original Story: (Feb. 1, 2024): A key witness in the murder trial of Run DMC’s Jam Master Jay was overcome with emotion while giving his testimony.

Uriel ‘Tony’ Rincon recently took the stand to identify the musician’s murder suspects and tearfully explained why it took him so long to come forward.

The trial accusing Jam Master Jay’s godson Karl Jordan Jr., 40, and his childhood friend Ronald Washington, 59, of his murder, officially commenced earlier this week. In the days after opening statements, Rincon took the stand to give his tearful account of what happened that night in October 2002. It’s reported that Rincon worked closely with the hip-hop pioneer, real name Jason William Mizell, and was present and injured at the time of his murder.

Claiming to have identified Jordan as the shooter by his neck tattoo, Rincon reportedly stated:

“He walked directly to Jay and gave a potential handshake, a half a handshake…That’s when I hear a couple of shots. I dropped my phone looked at him [Jordan] at the same time I see Jay fall.”

Karl Jordan Jr.

He added:

“As I see Jay falling, I see Jordan shrug Jay off him.”

When questioned about what happened when police initially asked if he could identify the shooter, Rincon reportedly continued:

“I did not tell them who shot him because I was scared. I was surprised at what I saw and what happened.”

Rincon reportedly went on to suggest that he was gravely concerned for the safety of his mother because Jordan approached him at Mizell’s funeral service while with her, further explaining:

“I was walking back to the car with my mom when Little D [Jordan] came up to me with a couple of friends and asked if I saw who did it…I said no. I felt uncomfortable that he was probing to see if I did…I was scared and not trusting of the situation.”

Due to lack of evidence, Mizell’s case went cold in the direct aftermath of the killing for many years. The Run DMC member was a husband and father to 3 children. Rincon also stated that he felt it was important to come forward so that his family could finally receive closure and justice. Prosecutors claim that Mizell’s death was the result of a drug deal gone wrong. They argue that the musician’s drug distributor refused to work with Washington, which cut him and Jordan from a play allegedly worth $200,000.

Jordan and Washington were arrested and charged in 2020 with his murder, and are facing 20 years in prison if convicted.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson