Jam Master Jay’s Alleged Murderers Denied Motion To Throw Out Their Charges Due To Lack Of Evidence Proving Their Innocence

Jam Master Jay’s Alleged Murderers Denied Motion To Throw Out Their Charges Due To Lack Of Evidence Proving Their Innocence

A judge recently denied a motion to drop the charges against the suspects in the chilling case of Hip-Hop pioneer Jam Master Jay’s death.

On the night of October 30, 2002, Jam Master Jay was horrifically shot and killed at his recording studio in New York City.

Eighteen years after the heinous occurrence, in August of 2020, Karl Jordan Jr. and Ronald Washington were indicted for the murder of Jam Master Jay (born Jason William Mizell).

Jam Master Jay

Earlier this year, Karl Jordan Jr. filed a motion to dismiss the incriminating counts, contending that due to the courts’ delay to bring charges against him, he no longer had the evidence to prove his innocence.

In a statement, Karl Jordan Jr.’s lawyers wrote:

“Karl Jordan, Jr. has due process rights that must be respected and enforced and hauling him into court and forcing him to defend himself against a murder that happened decades ago is neither fair nor just.”

They continued,

“This is not a cold case where the government has just identified the perpetrator of an old crime. Instead, this is an instance where the government unfairly delayed the timing of its charging decision in a reckless disregard for Mr. Jordan’s rights.”

Karl Jordan Jr. (left), Ronald Washington (right)

According to reports, prior to Jay’s demise, Jordan and Ronald Washington allegedly had an agreement with him to sell a shipment of cocaine on consignment. However, things went south after an altercation between the trio took place, and Jay was to said to have reneged. Although details surrounding the slain Run-D.M.C. legend’s tragic passing are few, the bad business deal is rumored to have been the cause of it.

An exclusive from VladTV stated that within the latest development U.S. District Judge LaShann DeArcy Hall rejected Jordan and Ronald Washington’s argument that the prosecutors’ long wait to take legal action against the defendants was an attempt to “hamstring” them.

Even though prosecutors claimed that Jordan’s additional drug trafficking charges were in relation to the killing of Jam Master Jay, instead, Judge LaShann DeArcy Hall ultimately knocked off the eight charges and ruled that they were not connected.

Jam Master Jay

The trial for the homicide of Jam Master Jay is set for February 2023, where the attorneys for Karl Jordan Jr. and Washington have expressed their clients will verify their innocence. Jordan reportedly has an alibi, and Washington is maintaining that the fatal bullets that gunned the notable DJ down were fired by someone else.

In 2015, Karl Jordan Jr. filmed a music video for his song, “No Silver Spoon,” in front of a mural of Jam Master Jay. The resurfaced clip has since brought on social outcry, as most believe it isn’t helping his effort to deem himself not guilty at all.

Our continuous prayers are with the family and friends of the late Jam Master Jay.

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Authored by: Ashley Blackwell