Facebook And Instagram Back Online After Widespread Outage Impacts Tens Of Thousands Of Users

Facebook and Instagram Back Online After Brief Widespread Outage Impacts Tens Of Thousands Of Users

Don’t panic! 

Instagram, Facebook, and Threads are back up and running. 

According to multiple reports, tens of thousands of users across the globe reported issues of mysteriously being logged out and unable to log back in or open the apps at all (March 5). 

Meta spokesperson Andy Stone acknowledged issues with the company’s social media sites in a post on X, formerly known as Twitter, writing,

“We’re aware people are having trouble accessing our services. We are working on this now.”

It’s unclear what caused the issues, but it only lasted an hour or so.

Other meta app users reacted to the outage on X with several funny memes and posts, including the platform’s executive chairman, Elon Musk.


The situation comes after AT&T recently experienced a cell phone outage that left thousands without service for hours last month. Once cell service was restored for all affected AT&T customers, the carrier released a statement that read, 

“We have restored wireless service to all our affected customers. We sincerely apologize to them. Keeping our customers connected remains our top priority, and we are taking steps to ensure our customers do not experience this again in the future.”

AT&T has not yet provided additional details about what triggered the nationwide service disruption, and the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency said there was no indication of a cyberattack.

Following the incident, AT&T vowed to reimburse customers for the nearly 12-hour network outage. 

In a statement on its website, the company said it would contact potentially impacted customers and automatically apply a $5 credit to each account, the estimated average cost of a full day of service.

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Authored by: B Gregory