Update: Tareasa Johnson, AKA ‘Reesa Teesa’ Inks Deal w/ A-List Celebrity Talent Agency CAA After Viral ‘Who TF Did I Marry?’ TikTok Saga

Reesa Teesa

Update: Tareasa Johnson, AKA ‘Reesa Teesa’ Inks Deal w/ A-List Celebrity Talent Agency CAA After Viral ‘Who TF Did I Marry?’ TikTok Saga

Update #2 (March 5): Things are looking up for Reesa Teesa. The TikTok sensation landed representation with superstar agency CAA after her viral 50-part saga Who TF Did I Marry? brought in over 400 million impressions in under three weeks.

The Kennesaw State University grad, whose real name is Tareasa Johnson, said of the deal,

“I am excited to join the CAA family in what has become an extraordinary and life-changing opportunity. I hope to bring this story and personal experiences to an even bigger platform with the hope of helping those in similar circumstances know they are not alone.”

She will also still be represented by CLAY Agency.

Update (Feb. 27): It looks like Reesa Teesa‘s infamous husband, Jermone McCoy, a.k.a. Legion, is ready to take legal action.

The ex-husband at the center of the Who TF Did I Marry? saga told TMZ that every claim Reesa Teesa made about him was a lie. He added that the two were having a rough patch and had issues trusting each other when she tried to get back with him. He alleged that she threatened to “expose” him if he didn’t. He said because he refused to reconcile, she released the shocking and viral 50-part series.

Legion added that his job as a publicist for a hospital has been impacted due to Reesa Teesa’s videos, and he’s met with attorneys over his legal options.

Original Story (Feb. 20): One TikToker’s recent harrowing story about how her marriage unraveled has had the internet unable to look away.

While the storyteller Reesa Teesa, who goes by the handle @reesamteesa, did her best to keep her alleged lying ex-husband’s identity undisclosed, the internet has since thrown him into the spotlight.

Reesa Teesa

After Reesa Teesa posted the viral 50-part series detailing all the lies told to her by her ex-husband, whom she refers to only as Legion, another social media user Danni, who goes by the handle @danni_19, discovered the villain of the story’s true identity. Danni reportedly stated that she did so at the request of many commenters asking her to look into the situation. What she unearthed based on clues in Reesa’s tale was the Facebook account of Jerome ‘JC’ Rome McCoy.


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She explained in a series of videos that she believes that McCoy is Legion due to photos of him wearing Philadelphia Eagles paraphernalia as well as pictures of him flaunting his WWE merch on the page. In different parts of her series, Reesa reportedly mentions that the man is from the Pennsylvania city and shared that he left behind some wrestling gear when they separated. While many social media users shared their frustrations with Danni for exposing Legion’s true identity, as Reesa specifically noted she didn’t want that to happen, her discovery did lead to McCoy speaking out.

James McCoy

In the first of several videos he posted to his own TikTok account denying the claims in his ex-wife’s story, McCoy stated:

We went to marriage counseling, didn’t work, and we broke up. But all my message to her is please stop lying to these people and tell them the real reason I left you,”


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He added:

“You cheated. I caught you in the house with Bradley.”

As her ex’s information was shared without her permission, Reesa has since asked social media users not to engage nor antagonize him, and suggested he’s mentally unwell. In her videos the content creator made many accusations against McCoy, reportedly accusing him of lying about where he worked, his position level, how much money he had, as well as his relationship with his family. She also discovered that he was a convicted felon which apparently never came up before she found out on her own. The two met sometime during Covid and tied the knot in 2021 before divorcing in 2022 following McCoys‘ series of lies coming to light.


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Social media users have caused “Who TF Did I Marry” – the title of Reesa’s series – to trend across several social platforms as they chime in with their thoughts and reactions to the situation.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson