Marlon Wayans Weighs In On Cam Newton’s 7-On-7 Fight: ‘He Should’ve Pulled Out The Belt And Beat The Sh*t Out Them Kids’

Marlon Wayans, Cam Newton

Marlon Wayans Weighs In On Cam Newton’s 7-On-7 Fight: ‘He Should’ve Pulled Out The Belt And Beat The Sh*t Out Them Kids’

Marlon Wayans is sharing his thoughts on Cam Newton’s viral fight at a youth football event.

The comedian and actor posted a video about the situation on his Instagram, detailing what he believes Cam Newton should’ve done during the squabble. 

“He should’ve pulled out the belt and beat the sh*t out them kids. I would have beat the sh*t out the kids and then punished their a** nigga.”

He added, 

“That’s f*cked up. That man doing something nice for the kids and they beat his a**. Yall beating up good men with bad hats on. Who’s next, Santa? Yall gonna beat Santa when he comes out the incinerator? You’re gonna jump that n*gga, take his toys? Yall stop with this bullsh*t. Get this negativity out your souls.”

Marlon Wayans

At one point during the video, the “White Chicks” actor insinuated that the Will Smith slapping Chris Rock incident sparked negativity, then he took it back and said, “That’s not true ’cause it was a lot of beef before then.” 

However, Marlon Wayans continued to call for positivity following the brawl. He concluded his message, 

“At some point, you know we gotta stop this nonsense. Let’s get it, y’all, positivity, let’s go, happiness.”

In the caption, he confessed he didn’t know the full story, writing,

“Just my opinion… ??? Mind you all… this was when i first heard about the incident. So no facts, just my initial thoughts. So excuse the timelines and facts… i ain’t the news. Go on with your day”


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The “Don’t Be A Menace” star’s commentary comes after footage circulated of Cam Newton getting into a fight with coaches from TopShelf Performance, a youth football organization, at a game.

In the video that surfaced online last month (February 25), two people appeared to shove Newton before the altercation moved towards a fence line. That’s where you can see Newton, wearing his custom-made hat in the video, dragging someone by their hood while trying to fight off another individual who wrapped himself around the athlete’s body. A police officer and event security personnel eventually stopped the fight. 

Speaking on his “4th & 1” podcast, Newton said the incident was sparked by an exchange of contentious comments with the opposing team, TopShelf Performance. He explained that two team leaders previously worked for his 7-on-7 program, C1N.

The 2010 Heisman Trophy winner said, 

“There was a lot of talking on both sides. On all sides, and let’s just put it like that.”

He declined to place blame on anyone or offer specifics. The Super Bowl champion added, 

“It’s something that starts with words and should’ve ended with words.”

While Newton also said he isn’t proud of the physical altercation.

“I’m disappointed in myself for letting it escalate to what it did, and that’s what I’m apologetic to.” 

Coach TJ Brown, the co-CEO and wide receiver specialist at TopShelf Performance (TSP), also apologized to the parents, bystanders, and anyone offended during an interview with Atlanta’s 105.3 The Beat.

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Authored by: B Gregory