Gilbert Arenas Says Saucy Santana Twerks ‘Just A Little Better Than Megan Thee Stallion,’ + Saucy Santana Responds: ‘U My Baby Daddy’

Gilbert Arenas Says Saucy Santana Twerks ‘Just A Little Better Than Megan Thee Stallion,’ + Saucy Santana Responds: ‘U My Baby Daddy’

A minor dispute between Saucy Santana and Gilbert Arenas has taken an unexpected turn.

The ‘Material Girl’ rapper admitted that he was once attracted to the former NBA player after Gilbert Arenas applauded Saucy Santana’s twerking skills.

Saucy Santana confessed via X on Sunday (March 17):

“WAIT- ayoooo, Gil! Lemme holla at u!!! I had a crush on you since I was kid. U my baby daddy”

The rapper commented after Gilbert Arenas tried to choose who twerked better, Megan Thee Stallion or Saucy Santana, in an episode of his podcast “No Chill Gil,” which featured former Los Angeles Lakers guard Nick Young

The 42-year-old stated,

“All I’m saying is if I had to rate between who was better—him or Megan Thee Stallion? I don’t know who I’m going to throw my dollars to, dawg. A good show is a good show.”

Gilbert Arenas admitted later, 

“All I’m saying is it [Saucy Santana] was twerking just a little better than Megan Thee Stallion, kinda caught me off guard. I had to double back to make sure it was the same person [Saucy Santana].”

Recently, Santana checked Arenas after the Florida native seemingly clowned Nick Young for being friends with the rapper. It all started when Nick Young discussed doing the upcoming celebrity TV series “College Hill” during another episode of “No Chill Gil.”

Saucy Santana

When Arenas asked who was on the show, Young named Santana, whom he called his good friend. This response led Arenas to look up the musical artist, whom he claimed not to know. After watching Santana’s twerking videos, Arenas couldn’t contain his laughter and seemingly started mocking Young for being friends with the Connecticut native.

Arenas asked Young

“This is your dawg?

Young replied,

“He’s a cool dude. He’s real funny.”

But Santana didn’t find the situation funny at all. He called out Arenas for mocking his friendship with Young and said,

“I really be having to check these n*ggas. WTF is funny about a straight man saying he cool with me?! I’m one of the realest niggas you’ll ever f***ing meet!!!”

He added, 

“I literally just talked about this weird sh*t on LHH. N*ggas be scared of what they peers gon think. B*tch, what’s funny about being cool w/ me?! I’m very respectful. Ion size n*ggas. Ion try n*ggas. I do ME! And be in my own lane. Nick KNOW that! That’s why I was the first name he mentioned!”

Santana didn’t end his commentary there. Instead, he decided to take a shot at the ex-NBA player Arenas, who has now turned podcaster,

“And once yall n*ggas retire from basketball…SIT DOWN & STFU!!!!”

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Authored by: B Gregory