Jalen Hurts Trends Online As Fans Drag His New Goatee-less Look: ‘He Looks Like A Tyler Perry Villain’

Jalen Hurts

Jalen Hurts Trends Online As Fans Drag His New Goatee-less Look: ‘He Looks Like A Tyler Perry Villain’


Will Jalen Hurts’ fans soon make him regret his new look?

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts is making waves online after his team’s social media page posted a new photo featuring the football star without his goatee.

The Eagles Nation page added in the caption,

“Jalen Hurts has shaved the goatee once again, looks like he’s committing to it. Babyface Jalen takeover next season?”

The fans swiftly entered the comment section to let their feelings be known. One fan wrote,

“He looks like a Tyler Perry villain. Grow it back Hurts”

Another X user stated,

“Babyface Jalen ain’t it”

Some fans did not hesitate to give the football star straightforward demands. One person said,

“Grow it back.”

Another fan made an interesting suggestion, saying,

“He needs to glue it back on”

There were others in the comments who seemed to feel as though Jalen Hurts’ new look makes him look older.

One person asked,

“How can he have a baby face and also look 39 years old at the same time?”

However, despite the largely unfavorable response, some fans of the NFL quarterback chimed in to show him support.

Someone wrote,

“Omg ya, he looks like he’s 16! Whatever works for him I’m here for it. Just happy to see the guy enjoying his life and refreshing himself before the season grind begins again.”

Another added,

“Leave him alone, he’s fine either way”


As previously reported, the Philadelphia Eagles finalized an agreement with Jalen Hurts last April, securing a five-year extension deal worth $255 million last year, making him the highest-paid player in NFL history.

Hurts has not yet responded to the fans’ reactions following his decision to shave his goatee again, but given the way things are currently going in his NFL career, it might be safe to say that the young football star is likely to remain unbothered by the remarks.

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Authored by: Candice O