NBA Players Have The Option Of Wearing A Smart Ring That Detects COVID-19 Three Days In Advance

NBA Players Have The Option Of Wearing A Smart Ring That Detects COVID-19 Three Days In Advance

The NBA is making sure that the safety of the players are the main priority as the 2019-2020 season resumes this summer in Orlando, Florida. The NBA season will be resuming on July 30th at Disney’s ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex near Orlando, Florida. The complex, which is 220 acres, has three arenas where the games can be held as well as multiple hotels, which would make it easier for players and their families to have limited outside exposure while the season comes to an end.

22 teams are expected to be in Orlando this summer which includes 16 playoff teams and six more teams that would be competing for a playoff spot. In an effort to combat the coronavirus pandemic, the NBA will be giving the players an option to wear smart rings. The rings, which were created by Oura, will alert players whether they are within six feet of others and could possibly detect coronavirus symptoms early on.

Because players will be able to explore Disney World, as well as attend movie screenings, other NBA games, and enjoy the hotel amenities, everyone must keep at a safe distance. The NBA believes that the rings could be helpful. The Oura rings were initially marketed as sleep trackers that are able to monitor heart rate and body temperature, but now the company is hoping to to use the data to develop ways to detect the coronavirus.

The rings were tested out on 2,000 medical workers at the University of California, San Francisco and they had to complete daily surveys so that researchers could analyze the health data from the rings.

According to UCSF’s website, the purpose of the study is to

“observe associations between dermal body temperature, heart rate, and related metrics, and the onset of symptoms such as fever, cough, and fatigue, which can characterize COVID-19.”

As of June, UCSF has not released the results of the research.West Virginia Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute conducted its own study, finding that the Oura Ring is able to predict the coronavirus up to three days in advance with 90% accuracy.

According to NBA reporter Shams Charania, if an NBA player contracts COVID-19, they have to isolate themselves immediately in a separate location within Disney World, and then retest for the coronavirus to confirm the positive test. Once the player feels better, they can go back to playing with their team after a series of negative tests.

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Authored by: Chelsea Adjalla