Lil Nas X Leaves Fans Stunned As He Opens Up About Sexual Encounters He Had In His Teens


Lil Nas X

Lil Nas X Leaves Fans Stunned As He Opens Up About Sexual Encounters He Had In His Teens


Fans of Lil Nas X are taken aback by the rap star’s candid lyrics featured in a soon-to-be-released single.

Lil Nas X took to X on Thursday (March 7) to share a short clip of a new song. The post contains a video in which some of the song’s lyrics can be heard. He captioned the post,

“nasarati 2 otw… trust me”


Lil Nas X left numerous fans amazed by how open the young star is as he recounts several alleged provocative sexual encounters he had back in his teens.

In the unreleased song, Lil Nas X is heard rapping,

“Grindr sessions sexing with faceless accounts… Bringing bodies in me then sneaking them out… Back in middle school I was fiending for d*ck… 7th grade, sending my homies some pics”

The openly-gay music star’s fans reacted with shock and excitement in the comments.

One X user said,

“7TH GRADE ?!? I was collecting jelly bracelets”

Someone else stated,

“Middle school u was what!!?”

It also seems like some of Lil Nas X’s supporters find the song’s lyrics relatable.

One person wrote,

“This was many of our experiences as Black youth. My experience was when I was in High School. And…it was something! Lil Nas X I love that you’re speaking about your lived experience through music. It will be very important to many Black males who are navigating this. #Nasarati2”

Another added,

“Damn bro, that middle school line hit home. I was figure myself out around that age, early stages of me eventually fully accepting myself, didn’t come to terms till high school though. Can’t wait for the album”

As he prepares to release his sophomore album, Lil Nas X has recently been giving his fans a taste of what they could expect from the rapper’s upcoming project.

You may recall that back in January, the rap star dropped a song called “J Christ.” He was met with immediate criticism, as the song’s lyrics and visuals were seen as highly offensive to those of the Christian faith.

Holding himself fully accountable, Lil Nas X issued an apology, telling his Christian fans that he’s “not some evil demon guy trying to destroy everybody’s values.”

See more comments about his latest attention-grabbing single below.


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Authored by: Candice O