Offset Warns ‘Don’t Ever Try & Turn Us Against Each Other’ While Speaking On Relationship With Quavo

Offset, Quavo

Offset Warns ‘Don’t Ever Try & Turn Us Against Each Other’ While Speaking On Relationship With Quavo

A little group drama and rumors aren’t stopping Offset from sticking beside Quavo.

During a newly released interview with the men of the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast, Offset gave insight into where he currently stands with his estranged Migos group member, Quavo. As we previously reported, the two rappers have been at the center of feud rumors since mid-2022 when speculation first surfaced that their split was caused by Offset, who is married to Cardi B, sleeping with Quavo’s ex-girlfriend Saweetie. The division between the men only seemed to get worse later that year following the death of the third Migos member, Takeoff.

You may recall reports that they even (allegedly) got into a physical altercation backstage at the Grammys last year ahead of Quavo’s tribute performance dedicated to his late nephew. Thankfully, they were able to put their differences aside a few months later and took the stage together at the 2023 BET Awards to honor Takeoff.

While addressing where they currently stand, Offset said,

“I don’t feel like I owe it to people to show how much me and bro love each other.”

He continued, clarifying that there was no bad blood between him and Quavo.

“I don’t feel like it’s our job to show ya’ll n*ggas how we – we went through something. We don’t have to show you n*ggas smiles on faces… so stop doing that. Niggas ain’t hating on each other, n*gg*s congratulating n*gg*s when n*gg*s dropping songs.”

Offset then said,

“N*gg*s ain’t on no sucker sh*t with each other. N*gg*, we came in this sh*t together and we both knew that, understood that, and we lost our brother….’Cause I see little sh*t, people [telling us what to do]. Let us do that.”

Takeoff was fatally shot in Houston, Texas while visiting 810 Billiards and Bowling on November 1, 2022. It’s believed that a man named Patrick Xavier Clark is responsible for the tragic event. Last May Clark was indicted by a grand jury for the murder, if convicted, he reportedly faces between 5 years to life in prison.

Takeoff, Patrick Xavier Clark

During his interview, Offset added,

“I still go through sh*t; I know [Quavo] go through sh*t….N*gg*s love each other though at the end of the day. We men, we real brothers…and we cool with it, so be cool with it. Don’t ever try and turn us against each other and sh*t like that. I hate that sh*t, them comments and sh*t like that…at the end of the day, it ain’t your business.”

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel