Tammy Rivera Says She & Waka Flocka Are Still Married & Calls His New Girlfriend ‘Shein Tammy’ As The Women Take Shots At Each Other Online

Waka Flocka, Mel, Tammy Rivera

Tammy Rivera Says She & Waka Flocka Are Still Married & Calls His New Girlfriend ‘Shein Tammy’ As The Women Take Shots At Each Other Online

Tension between Tammy Rivera and her soon-to-be ex-husband Waka Flock’s new boo recently hit the internet.

The two women were seemingly taking subliminal shots at one another before Rivera decided to directly address the matter publicly.

Tammy Rivera

It appears the drama began after Tammy Rivera, 37, uploaded a post to her Instagram story that read:

“No one can make me jealous over a seat I had first. You wouldn’t be sitting there if I didn’t get up.”

Shortly after, Waka Flock’s new girlfriend Melanie Montalvo aka Big Mel, published a couple of her own posts. One read:

“I’ll do anything 4 u if I love u. That’s why I gotta watch who I love”

While the other read:

“Being washed up and can’t let go of your past is type crazy”

Mel added text to the upload seemingly speaking directly to Rivera, writing:

“This is the one, cuz it’s giving jealous and bitter”


The message clearly got under Rivera’s skin. After a blog outlet reported on the timely posts, the “All These Kisses” singer took to the comments section writing:

“Man I’m just waking up it’s 9am over where I’m at Waka we literally just talked about this this last night (your morning) ..Waka get her please for I hurt this lil girl feelings. Oh btw that post wasn’t even about him nor you but hit dogs holla.. You f’king up your seat Sh ein Tammy”

When one social media commented that Rivera just wants everyone to know that she and Waka still communicate, the Love & Hip Hop alum revealed that the exes still have many things to discuss as they’re not yet legally divorced, writing:

“sweetie we talked cause our daughter and to be honest we still legally married so we have to talk cause we have business that has to be handled together until them papers are signed! Grown ppl buisness”

As previously reported, Waka debuted his romance with Mel in January of this year. The “No Hands” rapper got a lot of backlash from the reveal as many seem to be holding onto hope that he and Rivera will rekindle their relationship. The entertainers married in 2014 and announced their split in March 2022.

It does not appear that Waka has addressed the feuding at this time and Mel hasn’t made any other relevant posts. Rivera, however, did take to her social with a final message, writing:

“Please leave me alone.. Im happy where I am in life and who im with!”

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Authored by: Kay Johnson