Peter Thomas Seemingly Still Refuses To Pay $9 Million Judgement Over Unpaid Rent For Miami Restaurant: ‘I Ain’t Gon Do Sh*t About It’

Peter Thomas

Peter Thomas Seemingly Still Refuses To Pay $9 Million Judgement Over Unpaid Rent For Miami Restaurant: ‘I Ain’t Gon Do Sh*t About It’

Update (March 14): Peter Thomas is doubling down. The reality star and entrepreneur is still refusing to pay the $9 million judgment against him over unpaid rent for his restaurant Bar One Miami Beach.

He went on live via Instagram and when asked about the amount he said,

“I ain’t gon’ do sh*t about it.”


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Original Story (March 5): Former reality TV star Peter Thomas may have to give a landlord 7-figures for not paying rent for his now-closed Miami restaurant.

According to a report from RadarOnline, the Real Housewives of Atlanta alum was ordered to pay the hefty lump sum amount after a Miami judge granted a default judgment in favor of DTS DT Retail against Peter Thomas, his restaurant Bar One Miami Beach, and his other business, 1 Society.

Peter Thomas

Reportedly, the ex-husband of former RHOA star Cynthia Bailey had been operating Bar One from 2019 until 2023 when the Miami-based eatery was evicted from its location over unpaid rent. Before the business fizzled, Peter Thomas planned on launching another spot that was set to be an “upscale supper club” named 1 Society. However, the club never opened its doors.

Peter Thomas, Meek Mill @ Bar One MiamiIn January of last year, DTS DT Retail — the landlord for the location where 1 Society was due to open — sued Thomas and his businesses for allegedly breaching the lease. The landlord claimed 1 Society signed a 120-month lease for the location, but failed to pay rent from October 2022 to January 2023.

The landlord also claimed that the celebrity entrepreneur was supposed to produce the Tenant Plans within 30 days of the lease being executed, but failed to do so. Despite the lease getting breached, DTS claimed 1 Society has yet to leave the establishment or turn in the keys. The company demanded that Thomas vacate the premises immediately and hand over all rent owed on the 120-month lease, in addition to other expenses like insurance and property taxes.

The landlord is reportedly seeking $9,175,189.38 from 1 Society and Thomas.

Thomas has denied the allegations against him and argued that DTS breached the lease by failing to provide him “sufficient access to the premises.” While the TV personality responded to the claims, his company 1 Society did not file any official documents. As a result, the judge granted a default judgment against 1 Society and ordered the company to exit the location.

Ultimately, DTS was awarded the $9.1 million plus attorney fees from Thomas and 1 Society. He’s already said he plans to appeal the decision, claiming the landlord failed to provide him with the keys on time.

“I’m going to win. They’ll never see a dime.”

Peter Thomas

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Authored by: Ariel Whitely