The Woman Drake & Future Allegedly Fighting Over Claims ‘Nobody Is Beefing’ Over Her + Receives Backlash For Comment That She’s ‘Very Much Colombian, I Don’t Wanna Be Black’

The Woman Drake & Future Allegedly Fighting Over Claims ‘Nobody Is Beefing’ Over Her + Receives Backlash For Comment That She’s ‘Very Much Colombian, I Don’t Wanna Be Black’

The alleged woman Drake and Future are supposedly beefing over has spoken out for the first time.

Drake, Future

While she didn’t mention their name, Diana denied that she was the cause of the alleged feud between the two rap stars on Instagram Live

She explained, in part, 

“Nobody is beefing over me. I’m not that important. I’m just a regular girl. I’m just a regular person. It ain’t about me.”

Diana also claimed she didn’t need to address or clear up any rumors “because those who know know, and that’s all that matters.”

She continued, 

“So, and guess what? People are going to want to believe what they want to believe, so it doesn’t matter what I clear up.”

Diana also shared how her man has reacted to the rumors, saying he “doesn’t care” and is “laughing” at it.

“He literally doesn’t give a f*ck. He’s not going anywhere. I don’t know who thought he was going somewhere.”

Following that Instagram Live, Diana also received backlash from her followers after she told one of them she was “very much not Black.”

Instead, Diana proclaimed,

“I’m very much Colombian. I don’t want to be Black, babe.”

As a result, her followers criticized her remarks. In response, Diana created a series of Instagram stories to explain why she said them.

She admitted, in part, 

“Prior of me mentioning ‘i don’t want to be black’ i was being attacked because of the hair style i had which was BRAIDS and how Badly i want to be black and stop trying to be black and how only black woman are allowed to have braids…”

Diana added that people “keep twisting and turning things against” her, but regardless, the “blessings keep coming.”

She continued in another messsge,

“I hope the next time i go live and speak on how good god is… it gets to go viral just as much and y’all put just as much energy in the comments.”

Moreover, in one of her other Instagram stories, she posted a video of her and a man, calling him “the best supporter ever.” It’s unclear who he is to her, though that may be the man she’s involved with.

This entire situation came after Drake and Future fans found Diana’s Instagram, with “Princess” written in her bio. This seemingly corresponded to the name on one of Future and Metro Boomin’s new songs, “Magic Don Juan (Princess Diana).” The song is featured on their new joint album, We Don’t Trust You.

In the first song, Future rapped these lyrics, which made fans believe they were about the Canadian rapper,

“You a n*gga number one fan, dog / Sneak dissin’, I don’t understand, dog / Pillowtalkin’, actin’ like a fed, dog / I don’t need another fake friend, dog.”

Many thought this was in response to Drake’s song “What Would Pluto Do” from his latest album For All The Dogs. In that track, the “Rich Baby Daddy” rapper insinuated that he allegedly slept with a woman Future was once involved with.

Future, Drake

On the song, Drake rapped,

“What would Pluto do? He’d f*ck the h*e, so I did it.”

Metro Boomin, a famous record producer, has since squashed theories that the two rap stars are feuding.

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Authored by: B Gregory