Ludacris’ Manager Chaka Zulu’s Murder & Aggravated Assault Case At A Standstill: At This Time, There Are No Upcoming Court Dates


Ludacris’ Manager Chaka Zulu’s Murder & Aggravated Assault Case At A Standstill: At This Time, There Are No Upcoming Court Dates

Chaka Zulu, longtime manager of rapper/actor Ludacris, is still awaiting his fate.

In June 2022, Chaka Zulu was involved in a shooting that took place in the parking lot of Buckhead Atlanta’s APT 4B restaurant.

Chaka Zulu

Allegedly, the incident ensued from a heated confrontation between Chaka Zulu and another male, which prompted four other individuals to ambush the Disturbing Tha Peace Records co-CEO. From there, the occurrence (seemingly) sparked a brawl, and three men suffered gunshot wounds, including Zulu and 23-year-old Artez Benton. Artez Benton ultimately died at the hospital, while Zulu’s severe injuries landed him in critical condition.

Months after the unfortunate event, in September of last year, the renowned music executive was detained and charged with murder, aggravated assault, possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime, and simple battery. Reportedly, the counts stem from Zulu firing his weapon back at the alleged attackers, assumably killing Artez Benton in the process. Zulu reportedly surrendered to the authorities and bonded out the same day.

Chaka Zulu (Ahmed Obafemi)

Upon Zulu’s arrest, his legal counsel, Gabe Banks, wrote in a statement:

“Mr. Chaka Zulu, a beloved son of the City of Atlanta, is disappointed in the Atlanta Police Department’s decision to bring charges against him surrounding the shooting that occurred in June 2022. A close review of all the evidence, including the surveillance footage and eyewitness interviews, reveal that Mr, Zulu was attacked and jumped from behind by a gang of at least four (4) individuals (sadly including the decedent) and was forced to defend himself after this gang repeatedly stomped, punched, and kicked him while he was on the ground in a defenseless posture.”

He continued,

“Mr. Zulu was shot in the back during the shooting and nearly lost his life, and is still recovering from the nearly fatal injuries he sustained that evening. Mr. Zulu was at his place of business that night and had every right to defend himself. In an attempt to save his life, Mr. Zulu lawfully discharged his weapon in self-defense, a weapon that he was licensed to carry.”

However, four months have since gone by, and Zulu’s pending case (seemingly) hasn’t had much progress at all. When speaking of the dreadfully-anticipated outcome, Gabe Banks told AllHipHop that officials are actually still analyzing the occasion, and Zulu is currently in limbo.

“The Fulton County District Attorney’s Office is still investigating this matter. At this time, there are no upcoming court dates. [Zulu] needs [the love]. More importantly, he appreciates it.”

No further details have been released.

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Authored by: Ashley Blackwell