Update: 50 Cent Denies Daphne Joy’s Claim That He Physically Abused Her & Raped Her As He Seeks Full Custody Over Their Son Amid Accusations That She Was A ‘Sex Worker’ For Diddy

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Update: 50 Cent Denies Daphne Joy’s Claim That He Physically Abused Her & Raped Her As He Seeks Full Custody Over Their Son Amid Accusations That She Was A ‘Sex Worker’ For Diddy

Update (March 29, 2024): The drama between Daphne Joy and 50 Cent is getting intense. Daphne Joy has denied claims that she is a “sex worker” for Diddy, and said she is considering taking legal action against producer Lil Rod for making the claim in his bombshell lawsuit.

She also shared a video of herself crying on her Instagram Story and wrote,

“I wouldn’t wish this on any woman. God hears me and that’s all that matters.”

She didn’t end there. Next, she addressed 50 Cent, who is reportedly seeking sole custody of their son Sire amid the claims against her.

In another Instagram Story, she made alarming accusations against the Powerverse creator and alleged that he is an absent father. She also accused him of physically and sexually abusing her, writing,

“Let’s put the real focus on your true evil actions of raping me and physically abusing me. You are no longer my oppressor and my God will handle you from this point on. You have permanently damaged the last hope I had for you as a father to preserve our family with these last and final false claims made against me. You have broken our hearts for the last and final time.”

In the latest, 50 Cent, via his representative, has denied Daphne Joy’s claims. They said in a statement,

“The disturbing allegations in the sworn pleadings recently filed in a court case related to Daphne Joy the mother of my twelve year old child, has required me to take all necessary legal actions to protect my son Sire. The most recent false and baseless accusations by Daphne Joy are clearly in response to my decision to seek sole custody of my son. My son Sire is my main priority and keeping him in a safe environment is my only focus at this time.”

Original Story (March 28, 2024): Did you see this coming?

According to reports, rapper-turned-media-mogul 50 Cent is now seeking sole custody of the child he shares with Daphne Joy. An insider shared with a publication,

“Given the latest developments and news of Daphne Joy’s involvement in the Diddy lawsuit, 50 is going for sole custody of his son.”

Daphne Joy

Reportedly, 50 Cent, born Curtis Jackson, and the socialite briefly dated between 2011 and 2012. The former couple called things off following the birth of their son, Sire, now 12. Recently Rodney ‘Lil Rod’ Jones, ??amended the $30 million lawsuit against Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, adding new information that accused Daphne Joy and Yung Miami, real name Caresha Brownlee, of being paid monthly to serve as sex workers for the record executive.

Initially following reports of the allegations, 50 Cent took to his Instagram and wrote,

“I didn’t know you was a sex worker, you little sex worker.LOL Yo this sh*t is a movie”

Diddy has previously denied the claims from Lil Rod via a statement released by his legal team that said,

“Lil Rod is nothing more than a liar who filed a $30 million lawsuit, shamelessly looking for an undeserved payday. His reckless name-dropping about events that are pure fiction and simply did not happen is nothing more than a transparent attempt to garner headlines. We have overwhelming, indisputable proof that his claims are complete lies. We will address these outlandish allegations in court and take all appropriate action against those who make them.”

Daphne Joy has yet to speak on the allegations.

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel