Jamie Foxx Still ‘Going Strong’ Nearly One Year After Mysterious Health Scare


Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx Still ‘Going Strong’ Nearly One Year After Mysterious Health Scare

Actor Jamie Foxx’s medical scare is a thing of the past!

Around this time last year, Jamie Foxx made headlines over an undisclosed health emergency. The entertainer and his camp ultimately decided to remain quiet on details surrounding his extended hospitalization, which sparked countless rumors about what was wrong with him. Thankfully, Jamie Foxx, 56, recovered and eventually returned to the Hollywood projects that were paused amid his healing journey. Last month he even hinted at making a comeback to standup comedy too, claiming he will finally address the unspecified medical incident “in a funny way.”

As the world awaits to hear from Foxx, a source close to the “ Day Shift” star shared with PEOPLE that he’s been “doing incredibly well.”

They continued,

“He is so busy, and back to doing what he loves. Jamie didn’t skip a beat on Beat Shazam. He was literally right back to his old self. Really on it!”

A second source added that Foxx “is super busy, happy and going strong.”

As previously reported, amid his hiatus from the entertainment industry, Nick Cannon filled in for him as the host of “Beat Shazam.” Foxx’s co-host/daughter Corinne Foxx was temporarily replaced by Kelly Osbourne. However, last month news broke that the father-daughter duo has returned to the series.

The source continued,

“He is gung ho work now, living clean and enjoying his good health.” 

They added,

 “Jamie is a social guy, he likes to be around his friends, he has to be busy doing all kinds of different things. He is a bonafide entrepreneur with new projects bubbling all of the time.”

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel