Diddy Reportedly Facing $200k Federal Lawsuit Over Scrapped Art Project

Diddy Reportedly Facing $200k Federal Lawsuit Over Scrapped Art Project

Another lawsuit has found its way to Diddy’s desk.

According to a recent report from RadarOnline, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Phantom Labs, Inc. (PHNTM), and a tour manager named Matthew Lupton, are being sued by event design group Raven Production Management Group, LLC for $200,000. The 6-figure suit allegedly stems from an abandoned art project.

The company filed the lawsuit today (Apr. 9) in New York, claiming PHNTM and Lupton “misrepresented their contractual relationship with Diddy and their financial arrangements” when they hired Raven in August 2023 to craft and install a red translucent cube for a project that’s connected to the record executive.

After receiving the contract on August 31 last year, Raven reportedly got straight to work on the body of art. However, the suit claimed that a week later PHNTM allegedly instructed Raven “to stop work because Diddy postponed the project to a later unknown date.”

It’s unclear why Diddy halted the work Raven Production Management Group, LLC was doing. However, despite the paused project, the payment was still due as the lawsuit alleged that PHNTM never settled the bill.

“Despite assurances from PHNTM that it would pay Raven for costs incurred once it received funds from Diddy, it never did. On September 8, Raven sent PHNTM an invoice for $96,732.00 for its material costs but received no payment.”

In November 2023, PHNTM’s CEO Gabriel Fraboni purportedly proposed a payment plan of “a biweekly payment plan of $18,000.00 to resolve the issue,” however “PHNTM failed to make any payments under the plan.”

According to the event design group,

“Raven performed its obligations under the contract by ordering materials and fabricating the cube. PHNTM breached the contract by failing to pay the agreed amount or to reimburse Raven for its costs of materials. As a result of PHNTM’s breach, Raven suffered damages of no less than $200,000, exclusive of fees and interest.”

In addition to the $200,000 demand in damages, Raven wants a jury trial and the defendants to pay for any costs, expenses, and attorney fees related to the legal battle.

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel