Ne-Yo Reveals That Ice T Once Gave Him Permission To Touch His Wife Coco’s Behind: I Grabbed As Much Of A Handful As I Could

Ice T, Coco, Ne-Yo

Ne-Yo Reveals That Ice T Once Gave Him Permission To Touch His Wife Coco’s Behind: I Grabbed As Much Of A Handful As I Could

Singer/songwriter Ne-Yo recently shared an interesting interaction between he and fellow rapper Ice T and his wife Coco.

While joining rapper N.O.R.E. on his Revolt talkshow series Drink Champs, Ne-Yo, 42, claims to have once gotten the OK to grab TV personality Coco Austin’s, 43, plump bottom. The actress has been married to rap vet turned TV star Ice T, 64, for more than 20 years. According to Ne-Yo, after admitting to the Law & Order star that he’s always wanted to touch his wife’s “booty”, the entertainer set the moment up fo him.

Ice T, Coco

Detailing how the situation came to be, he explained:

“It was a Halloween party….I literally walked up to him, mind you I had a couple drinks at this point…she had some sh*t on….I walked up to him and I was like ‘bro all due respect, I wanted to squeeze Coco’s a** for a really long time'”

Coco Austin

He continued:

“He said you know what, and I’m just the kind of pimp to let you do it.”


The Grammy award winning artist went on to claim that Ice T proceeded to get Coco’s attention to make his fantasy come true. He stated:

“He called her over, and he whispered something in her ear. And she looked at him and smiled and then looked at me and smiled and turned around a bent that thing over….I grabbed as much of a handful as I could – he gave me a pound and we drank and hung out for the rest of the night. That was it.”

Neither Coco nor Ice T have responded to the story at this time. NeYo’s interview seems to have been recorded prior to his personal marital affairs. The singers wife, Crystal Renee Smith, who he recently renewed his vows with, reportedly filed for divorce earlier this month.

Crystal slammed her estranged husband last month for allegedly stepping out on her repeatedly during their eight years of marriage. The former couple share three young children together, and Crystal additionally accused Ne-Yo of fathering another child outside of their marriage.

Reportedly, Crystal is seeking full custody and wants Ne-Yo to pay her $25k legal bills. The musician has asked for privacy, but has reportedly not responded in court yet.

Ne-Yo’s Drink Champs episode is set to air on Revolt this Thursday, August 11th.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson