Usher Reveals That He ‘Did Not Reach Out To Chris Brown’ For Super Bowl Performance, Denies That They Had A Fight

Chris Brown, Usher

Usher Reveals That He ‘Did Not Reach Out To Chris Brown’ For Super Bowl Performance’, Denies That They Had A Fight


Usher is clearing the air about rumors of a feud between him and Chris Brown.

In an interview with The Breakfast Club on Friday (Feb. 16), music superstar Usher addressed rumors that have been circulating about him and fellow R&B crooner, Chris Brown.


Asked by Charlamagne tha God if he considered having Chris Brown join him on stage for his Super Bowl halftime show, the renowned singer and performer simply stated,

“No, I did not reach out to Chris Brown.”


Charlamagne tha God then followed with another inquiry regarding previous rumors that he and Chris Brown were involved in a fight. In response to the question, Usher said,

“No. It’s all good man. It’s actually always going to be something that you gon’ hear, but ain’t no issues between me and that man. We good.”

Throughout the interview, Usher also talked about Justin Bieber’s decision not to join him onstage for the historic momentCharlamagne tha God asked,

“Why didn’t things work out with Justin Bieber?”

Usher responded,

“You know what? They did work out with Justin. I honored and recognized that my brother… I think that it might have been the fact that he was just wanting to tell a different story right now. And I undertand that. But we did have a brief conversation, and we’re gonna do something else in the future.”

He continued,

“But no love lost or anything like that. I think that it’s a lot of pressure for the Super Bowl.”


Usher also revealed that Justin Bieber was not the only big music star he was interested in recruiting for his Super Bowl halftime show. However, when Charlamagne tried to extract the names of those artists, Usher refused to disclose saying,

“I can’t give you all of that, Charlamagne. I wish I could, but I can’t give you that exclusive.”

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Authored by: Candice O