‘The Golden Bachelor’ Star Gerry Turner Announces Split From Wife Theresa Nist After 3 Months Of Marriage: ‘I Still Love This Person’

Gerry Turner, Theresa Nist

‘The Golden Bachelor’ Star Gerry Turner Announces Split From Wife Theresa Nist After 3 Months Of Marriage: ‘I Still Love This Person’

The first Golden Bachelor marriage is coming to an end.

Earlier today (April 12), reality star Gerry Turner announced that after getting hitched back in January, he and his wife Theresa Nist are headed toward divorce.

The estranged couple shared the sad news during an interview earlier today (Friday, April 12th). Gerry Turner, 72, and Theresa Nist, 70, sat side by side, seemingly in full support of one another as they explained how they decided to separate after falling in love on the first season of ABC’s The Golden Bachelor last year. Sharing his thoughts on the matter, Gerry Turner stated:

“Theresa and I have had a number of heart-to-heart conversations, and we’ve looked closely at our situation, our living situation, so forth and — and we’ve kind of come to the conclusion mutually that it’s probably time for us to — dissolve our marriage.”

With Theresa Nist adding:

“We have received so much love and support from so many people who watched ‘The Golden Bachelor,’ and I don’t think we can tell you how many people told us that it gave them so much hope…We want none of that to change for anybody.”

Theresa Nist, Gerry Turner

The two went on to explain how distance and family played a role in their decision to separate. Turner said,

“The thing that strikes me the most in our conversations, it’s been how dedicated both of us are to our families … So we look at these situations and I think we just feel like it’s best for the happiness of each of us to, to live apart.”

Nist also added the couple’s inability to find a home and decide where to live together further was a factor in their decision to call it quits. In case you didn’t catch the show, Turner proposed to Nist on the season finale, which aired on Nov. 30 last year. The pair later tied the knot in a televised ceremony.

Despite being unable to make things work, Turner and Nist insisted that it’s all love between them and that they plan to still seek love in their lives moving forward. Turner specifically noted:

“I still love this person…There’s no doubt in my mind, I still am in love with her. I root for her every day.”

Gerry Turner, Theresa Nist

While things are peaceful between the ex-couple, it seems social media is fed up with the antics of dating to marriage reality shows. Many have been reacting to the divorce news, expressing their frustrations that couples who “find love” on these shows continue to get divorced. Some claimed not to be shocked by the news while others opted to blame Turner, alleging he didn’t seem like he wanted to marry Nist in the first place. See reactions below:

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Authored by: Kay Johnson