Diddy’s Former Artist Shyne Barrow Says He Was ‘The Fall Guy’ Of ’90s NYC Club Shooting After Victim Names Media Mogul As Gunman

Diddy, Shyne Barrow

Diddy’s Former Artist Shyne Barrow Says He Was ‘The Fall Guy’ Of ’90s NYC Club Shooting After Victim Names Media Mogul As Gunman

Belizean music artist MosesShyne” Barrow maintains he’s innocent of a 1999 club shooting, despite his guilty conviction and 10-year prison sentence.

The politician spoke about his former label boss Sean “Diddy” Combs recently being named the incident’s triggerman, claiming everyone knew he was the “fall guy.”

Shyne Barrow

Shyne Barrow was asked about the situation recently after a victim of the NYC incident claimed Diddy was actually the assailant. The former rapper shared his thoughts in response, stating:

“It opens wounds when you hear, you know, the victim saying that, you know, it was Diddy that shot her… I’ve done my best to put it behind me and to move forward. But it certainly reopens the wounds that I’ve been saying this all along, everyone knew all along that I was the fall guy.”

Shyne Barrow, Sean Diddy Combs

He continued:

“But my political enemies and, you know, detractors try to make me into, you know, this criminal.  But everyone knew that I was a young kid that took the fall.  Everyone knew that, that was the story.”

In case you’re unfamiliar Shyne Barrow, the current Belizean Leader of the Opposition, was a rising musician back in the mid-90s who caught his big break by getting signed to Diddy’s Bad Boy Records label. Ahead of his debut album release, the rapper attended a club event with Diddy and his then-girlfriend Jennifer Lopez when a fight between the “Last Night” artist and another man broke out, leading to gunfire. Three bystanders were shot during the altercation and in June 2001, Barrow was convicted of assault and sentenced to 10 years behind bars for the incident.

Initially following the shooting, there was much speculation about whether or not Diddy was, in fact, one of the shooters, a notion recently backed by one of the victims. As we recently reported, the case resurfaced amid producer Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones‘ sexual abuse lawsuit against Diddy, where he claimed the billionaire admitted to being guilty of the crime.

As far as Barrow is concerned, he said he’s happy people are willing to share their truths, which have in turn reinforced his innocence. He continued during the interview:

“I am relieved that people are saying what the truth is, that I did not shoot those people….victims are vindicating me. Witnesses are vindicating me, but I have moved on, I am not trying to relive that.”

Offering well wishes to Diddy however things play out, Barrow added:

“I am appreciative of whatever contributions that Diddy has made to help the people of Belize.  I wish him well and I pray for him, and I pray for the alleged victims and if it is true, may justice be served and if it’s not, it’s a tragedy because a global icon would have been destroyed.”

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Authored by: Kay Johnson