R. Kelly Gets 2nd Chance In Court, Vacated Civil Sexual Abuse Case Will Proceed

R. Kelly Gets 2nd Chance In Court, Vacated Civil Sexual Abuse Case Will Proceed

Singer R. Kelly seems to be trapped in a closet full of a lawsuits and sexual abuse cases, as of late. But in his most recent civil sexual abuse case, he’s been granted a second chance at fighting for his innocence. After a Cook County judge vacated a default judgment against R. Kelly, a civil sexual abuse lawsuit will proceed. Filed the day before he was indicted on 10 counts of criminal sexual abuse, the woman is one of four separate sexual abuse cases pending against the singer. She claims she met him in 1998 at 16 years old.


The lawyer of R. Kelly’s latest accuser – Jeffrey Deutschman – is aware of the risks of filing a suit decades after the incident. He commented:

“My client had a case and we filed it. We filed it as fast as we could, pretty much because there were potential statute of limitations issues.”

R. Kelly recently ditched his previous attorney – Steve Greenberg – and tipped Raed Shalabi and Zaid Abdallah. They claim that the “Step In the Name of Love” singer never responded to the vacated lawsuit because he was in jail, and is illiterate. Raed Shalabi said:

“When he got served, he got served while he was in jail. He didn’t know what the documents were. Once we found out there was a judgment against him we filed a motion to vacate right away.”

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He continued:

“Mr. Kelly believes the motive is money. He’s obviously going to be denying the allegations, and that’s our position at this point.”

The judge seemed to have bought into the singer’s reason for not responding to the lawsuit, and will throw out the default judgment – meaning R. Kelly and his legal team will get to defend themselves in court.

R. Kelly’s next court date is set for June 19.

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay